Yoga Poses For Better Sex

Amazing Yoga Poses For Better Sex

Let’s be honest. One of life’s most pleasant joys is sex. It is sensual and gentle, fun and thrilling, or deeply spiritual and connected. 

So is it true that yoga may improve your sex life? Yes, it certainly can. Yoga is beneficial not just on the mat but also in everyday life. 

Regardless of how much or how little yoga you practice, these stretches can surely spice things up and make your time between the sheets more fascinating, thrilling, and relaxing.

Let us look at some yoga poses that can thrill up your sex life.

Forward Fold

A forward flow’s enhanced oxygen and blood flow will give you a youthful and energetic glow, allowing you to boldly take on a bedroom session.

What is Forward Fold good for?

Reclined Butterfly

The reclined butterfly is a fantastic position for hip flexibility. Still, it is also a very vulnerable posture since your heart, belly, and sex organs are exposed, all areas of your body that generally seal up and wish to hide and protect themselves. 

On the other hand, a reclined butterfly might genuinely bring you and your spouse closer together.

Low Lunge

The low lung pose is one of the standing hip opening yoga poses that assist you in activating your sacral chakra, which is the energy centre that governs sex and intimate love. It will also expand and extend the front thighs and pelvic profoundly.

Happy Baby

Another excellent position is happy baby, which also serves as a variant of missionary. It’s a fantastic relaxing posture that also stretches your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back.

How can I make my baby happy?

Low Lunge With Twist

A low lunge with a twist can stretch and strengthen the muscles along the spine. It will also assist you in removing energy blockages, leaving you feeling invigorated and ready for a hot session between the covers.

Bridge Pose

The bridge position is one of the best yoga poses for strengthening your pelvic floor, which is crucial for your overall health, not just for sex! Bridge also works your glutes and hamstrings while stretching your hip flexors. 

What is the bridge pose good for?
All of this stretching and strengthening might help you hold specific poses for a more extended period.

Reclined Big Toe Stretch

This stretch can not only increase your flexibility over time, but it can also help you release tension, stress, and emotional baggage. It will allow you to enter the bedroom with renewed vigour.

Downward Facing Dog

The downward-facing dog is a fantastic way to warm up for sex since it is an inversion that stimulates blood flow and stretches your hamstrings. In addition, it’s a great pose to perform after a long day of sitting.

What is Downward Facing Dog Good For?
Do the pose on a grippy surface and communicate intensity with your partner to avoid falling or injury.

Pigeon pose

The Pigeon posture opens your lower body and gives a deep stretch for your hips. Because our hips contain a lot of stress and emotion, this can help release it.

What is pigeon pose good for?

Upward-Facing Dog

The upward-facing dog is a lovely heart opener that will boost your vitality and self-esteem. It also activates the energy of the heart chakra, which governs love and happiness.

Cat and Cow pose

The transition between Cat and Cow postures awakens and stretches the spinal column and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. During orgasm, they are the muscles that contract. 

What are the benefits of cat cow pose?
As a result, maintaining them will allow you to have more regulated and powerful orgasms. 

These motions help tone the hip and pelvis, improving blood flow and strengthening the muscles that support your genitals, resulting in improved sexual function and performance.

Eagle pose

The eagle is so attractive that it is mentioned in the Kama Sutra. Therefore, it’s critical to firmly press the inner thighs together in Eagle posture to get the most out of it.

This posture also demands stability and ease, both of which are useful in decreasing tension and anxiety.

But how can yoga improve your sex life?

Yoga offers many advantages that can improve your sex life, so the next time you hit the mat, remember to apply what you learn to the bedroom!

Improved endurance and blood flow: 

Yoga may increase blood flow throughout your body, aiding in sexual desire and serotonin production.


The most well-known advantage of yoga for sex is flexibility. Not only does flexibility allow you to explore new sex positions, but stretching and being more active in general improves oxygen and blood flow. 

It is beneficial for increased feelings throughout your body.


Yoga strengthens your body as a whole, so you might attempt some more challenging poses if that’s what you’re interested in.

Many yoga positions also activate and develop your pelvic floor muscles, which clench during female orgasm.

Improved mind-body connection:

In yogic sexuality, the body-mind link is emphasized. When you can achieve mastery over your physical body, whether through poses or breathing exercises, your mind is more open to more significant growth.

Reduced Anxiety and Stress:

There is no doubt that yoga substantially aids in the reduction of anxiety and tension. And do you know what happens more readily when anxiety and stress levels are lower? Orgasms. 

Sex is as much a part of our thoughts as it is of our bodies. So the more aware you can be, the greater your orgasms will be. 

Bottom Line

Yoga may help you enhance your sex life in various ways, with some positions being advantageous (and exciting!).

In addition, you'll feel more prepared than ever to hit the bedroom if you combine the mindful element of yoga with its strengthening powers.

HIIT ( high-intensity interval training) and pelvic floor exercises are two more fantastic workouts to try for enhancing your sex life. 

You can join yoga classes for as little as 10 minutes a day, gradually increasing the time in which you practice. Or, if you'd prefer social interaction, go to a yoga studio or gym and try on the poses with your partner!

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and added that extra spice to your life!

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