Yoga Poses For Energy

Increase Your Energy With These Yoga Poses

Yoga is an excellent physical practice to get the blood moving, breaking up stagnant energy, and allowing your energy to flow so you can concentrate, feel more invigorated, and tackle whatever comes your way.

Many people are looking to increase their energy levels to be more productive or feel better. 

Read on for some of the best yoga asanas that can help you increase your energy. 

How does yoga help in increasing your energy?

As you move through various poses of Yoga, you’ll improve your flexibility and strength while also clearing your mind and allowing for the release of endorphins (the happy hormones).

There are many types of yoga; some involve more movement than others. If you're feeling sluggish at work or don't feel like getting out of bed in the morning, start with a gentle flow class that will get your blood pumping without making you feel exhausted.

Yoga poses to increase energy.

Try practising one or more of these yoga poses when you need a boost.

Downward facing dog

Because your head is below your heart, Downward Facing Dog is an inversion. Inversions help to improve circulation and energy levels in the body.

What yoga poses are energizing?
In this yoga posture, your heart will have to work a little bit harder, which will invigorate your body and minimize weariness.

Low Lunge

Because finding your balance in Low Lunge takes strength and attention, it engages both your mind and body.

In addition, low lunge stretches the hips and psoas, improves blood circulation, and releases stagnant energy in the heart area.

Hero’s Pose

Hero’s Pose helps improve circulation and vitality in fatigued legs by stretching your feet, knees, legs, and ankles. You may also use this yoga pose for mindful breathing or meditation to help cleanse the mind.

Camel Pose

Backbends invigorate the body because they enable us to be open and vulnerable, releasing a lot of the energy we hold in our bodies.

What is the camel pose good for?
Camel Pose is perfect for this. Because it engages all of your back muscles, it also strengthens your heart and improves digestion.

Locust Pose

Locust Pose, like Camel Pose, is a backbend that opens the heart and releases energy. Locust Pose also strengthens the spine and relieves tension and tiredness caused by bad posture or long periods of sitting at a computer.

Plank Pose

Plank Pose strengthens your arms, core, and spine, allowing you to stretch and relieve tension in your low back. We gain energy and improve our mood when we can alleviate stress in our bodies.

Warrior II

Warrior II increases circulation and energizes weary arms and legs to help you feel more energized.

What are the benefits of Warrior 2?
Your inner warrior will be ignited, motivated, and inspired due to the strength and stamina obtained through keeping this posture.

Chair Pose

In yoga, the chair position is the squat. It’sIt’s a terrific method to get your legs moving, which are your body’s largest muscle area, so it’ll get your blood circulating. Try to keep your arms over your head as well, as this will drive more blood downhill and rejuvenate you!

Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose is not only restorative, and a fantastic counterpose to Camel Pose, but it also allows you to refresh and relax your mind.

This Pose is a great counterpose for the tired mind. In addition, lowering your heart rate will reduce stress and improve physical and mental focus.

Table Top Pose

Table Top Pose not only warms up your shoulders and activates your core, but it also allows you to become aware of your spine.

Consider how your chakras connect along your spine and how much energy they may bring to your body. 

Table Top Pose may be used to move and awaken the energy throughout our spine gently.

Dancers Pose

It is the kind of stance you see in magazines for a reason: it’s stunning! It’sIt’s also quite refreshing.

How do you get into dancers pose?
The dancer's position incorporates several of the elements we've just discussed; it's a standing pose, a balancing pose, and a backbend, all simultaneously. You'll also feel like a badass while doing it!

Crow Pose

It’s a little advanced, but it’s also a lot of fun to attempt. Arm balancing postures are beneficial for energy and attention since they activate numerous muscle groups. Your arms, abs, buttocks, and head all need to be engaged. 


Try these 12 yoga positions the next time you’re feeling exhausted or short on energy! They are ideal for practising in the morning as you prepare for the day ahead. 

These positions will also make you feel more empowered, confident, and elevated. What a fantastic way to start the day and face the world!

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