Yoga Poses For Golfers

The 7 Most Common Yoga Poses Done By Professional Golfer’s

Golf is about more than simply having the correct equipment. It involves using your body to make the most of the sport while enjoying your time out in nature and playing it safely. 

If you’re a golfer, you’re aware of post-game discomfort. The repeated actions in the game can cause stress and strain on your body if you do not maintain a regular stretching regimen. That’s where yoga comes in to help..

Let us first look at the impressive benefits that yoga can provide to golfers:

Enhance endurance

When practising yoga, you will need to hold particular poses for an extended period.

It will increase your endurance, allowing you to play a longer game without becoming physically exhausted. 

Develop mobility 

You will be moving a lot while playing golf. Even with a golf cart, the walks may be strenuous, especially on a hot day. 

Yoga can help you move more freely. As a result, you’ll be moving faster, which might help you play more accurately.

Improve balance

Golf also needs balance, and one of the most excellent methods to achieve this is yoga. Swinging might cause you to lose your equilibrium. 

What is the best way to improve your balance?
Yoga can help to keep this from happening. It can help you increase your centre of gravity, which is essential for swinging.

Improve Focus

Concentration is essential for making the most delicate swings in golf. It is another thing you may learn when doing yoga. 

Increase Strength

Muscular strength is also essential in a successful golf game. Although golf is not a contact sport, it does need powerful muscles. 

How fast can you increase your strength?
In addition, it is critical for improving core strength, which will improve your swings.

Various Yoga Poses For Golfers

Now let’s look at the various poses you can do to keep your body in tip-top condition:

1. Wrist stretch

It is one of the simplest yet most effective golf stretching exercises. It is also an excellent approach to begin your daily yoga exercise because it warms up your body. It stretches your muscles and prepares you for what’s to come.

Extend your right arm in front of you to perform this position. Your palm should be facing out, and your fingers should be facing down. 

Using your fingers, pull the right pinky. Your knuckles, on the other hand, must be supported by your thumb. Inhale while rolling your shoulders down as you hold this position. 

Next, pull your fingers closer to your torso as you exhale. Release and repeat with the other fingers.

2. Cow face arms

Cow face is another easy yoga posture that can help you improve your flexibility. Begin by kneeling with your knees together on the floor. 

Why is it called Cow Face Pose?
Kneel in a comfortable position. Raise your right arm, bend your elbow, and place the palm of your hand on your back. Place your left hand on your back and reach for your right palm gently. 

Make an effort to maintain your elbows as straight as possible. If you’re having trouble reaching, a tie or belt might help. Then, rep the position on the other side.

3. Sphinx Pose

Golfer stretches don’t have to be difficult, and that’s what you’ll get with this position. Lower down to the point where your tummy touches the ground. 

What is Sphinx pose good for?
Place your open hands on the floor and align your elbows on your shoulder. Squeeze your shoulder blades together to lift your chest. 

To lengthen your neck, tuck your chin in. The tops of your feet must be touching the mat or floor while doing this.

4. Bird Dog

It’s time to step up your game with this somewhat more challenging golf yoga. Bird dog is an excellent stretching for golf swing since it improves core strength, coordination, and balance.

Begin on all fours on the yoga mat. Place your hand between the shoulders. Spread your fingers without allowing your wrist to drop. 

While bending one knee, hold tightly to support your body. Extend your left hand while stretching your right knee. 

Make sure your back is flat when stretching. Hold the posture for a few seconds, inhaling and exhaling. Return to the middle and repeat the procedure on the opposite side.

5. Downward Dog Twist

This swinging posture can be challenging, so only attempt it once you have learned the foundations. To begin, place your body on the floor as though performing a push-up. 

What is the benefit of downward dog?
Next, lift your back and hips by slightly bending your knees. Once you’re up, your fingertips should firmly grasp the mat. Finally, maintain a solid stance to support your body’s weight. 

Avoid arching your back or bending your legs. Instead, with your right arm, reach towards your left heel. Slowly move your head in the direction of your arm and take a deep breath. 

6. Pigeon pose at the wall

Swing your legs up against a wall, scooting your hips to the edge letting your legs rest on the wall. Form a figure-four shape by bending your right knee and placing your right ankle on top of your left thigh. 

Stay here, or bend your left leg to deepen the stretch. Slide your left leg back up the wall, unwind, and switch sides. 

7. Supine twist 

Hug your knees against your chest while lying on your back. Maintain a tight grip on your right knee while extending your left leg out far on the mat. 

What does supine twist do?
Bring your right knee across your body and place it on a block or the mat. Make a goalpost shape with your right arm by extending it straight out to the side. 

Return your knee to its original position and switch sides to exit.With your wrist directly beneath your shoulder, press your right-hand flat against the mat, fingers wide and facing forward. 

Raise your left arm to meet your right arm in a straight line. Form a straight line from head to heels by pushing your hips up. Hold the position for 3-5 breaths. 


Golf flexibility stretches can undoubtedly improve your game. Yoga is an excellent approach to educate your body to become more flexible and enhance endurance, stability, and attention, among other things. 

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned golfer, you should incorporate the following golf exercises and stretches into your daily yoga regimen to help you improve your game.

If you’re a beginner, it’s advisable that you start with simple positions and slowly proceed to more challenging ones over time. It will prevent injuries and improve your stamina.

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