Yoga Poses For IT Band

Learn Better Stretching With These Yoga Poses

You might have heard someone in the gym mention their IT band is tight, or you may listen to a yoga instructor say, “this will work for your IT band.”

But what exactly is the IT band?  If it’s tight, how do you stretch it?

Many people struggle with tightness in their IT (iliotibial) band, leading to several problems, including pain (especially knee pain), hip, and lower back issues. 

Yoga can be an effective way to release your tight IT band. But what are the best Yoga Poses for the IT band? Can you perform yoga at home and relieve your IT band?

This article is about yoga poses for the IT band, a common condition faced by many people who work on their feet all day or have an injury to the IT band. 

The primary purpose of these poses is to release tension and get rid of pain in the upper thighs and hip area.

But first, let’s understand,

What exactly is the IT Band?

The iliotibial (IT) band is a rigid, dense strip of connective tissue or fascia that connects the hip to the knee. 

The other name for IT band syndrome (ITBS) is "runner's knee" because of its frequent occurrence in runners. 

The syndrome usually happens to people who run long distances and do not stretch their IT band properly.

It can become extremely tight, swollen, and inflamed, increasing pressure on the knee and causing pain in the IT band.

Stretching your IT band can help alleviate the pain associated with this medical condition typically caused by the overuse of the hip flexors. 

Not only can extending your IT band lead to relieving pain, but it can also provide several other benefits.

What Kind of Problems Can You Get From Tight IT Band Syndrome?

When your IT band tightens, you may experience discomfort in different areas. Here are some common problems:

  • Shin splints: Have you ever felt pain along the shin bone or on the outer edge of your foot? The IT band may cause this discomfort. Tightness in this area can cause inflammation, which leads to swelling and pain.
  • Lower back pain: It’s not uncommon for tightness in the IT band to lead to lower back pain or a sensation of weakness in your knees when walking or exercising because your body is compensating for a weak area.
  • Tendonitis: The IT band can also lead to tendonitis in the knee (tendonitis is an inflammation or irritation of a tendon, which connects muscle to bone).

How Can Yoga Help Relieve IT Band Pain?

Yoga helps relieve stress and anxiety, improve balance and coordination, and even help reduce pain in your lower back or knees. In addition, by practising certain poses, you can positively affect your body’s areas connected to the IT band.

What Are The Different Yoga Poses To Stretch Your IT Band?

The following Yoga poses are effective when it comes to releasing tension in your IT band.

Ankles Crossed Standing Forward Fold

Ankles crossed forward folds are great for releasing tension in the hip and spine and relieving back pain. This yoga pose creates extra length in the outside of the crossed leg. 

It's good for stretching the IT band. This pose also stretches the spine and gets rid of lower back pain.

Seated Forward Fold

A seated forward fold gives you a chance to focus on the hips and spine while stretching the IT band. It’s also good for improving balance and relieving lower back pain.

How do you do a seated forward fold?

Standing Side Angle Pose

This pose is good for stretching the IT band because it opens up the thigh muscles, releasing tension and tightness in the IT band. This stretch is perfect for people with knee problems or athletes.

What are the benefits of side angle pose?

Horizon Lunge

Horizon Lunge strengthens your thigh and opens up the outside of your top leg. It’s an excellent pose for runners to try. In addition, the pose opens the thighs, which are often tight and in pain.

Twisted (or Revolved) Triangle Pose

Twisted or Revolved Triangle Pose strengthens the hips, spine, and buttocks while stretching the IT band. It’s also a good pose for runners with knee problems.

What is triangle pose good for?

Standing Side Angle Pose Variation

This pose looks like the Standing Side Angle Pose but twists your upper body to stretch the IT band. The twist helps stretch the outside of your thigh muscles, bringing relief for knee pain and lower back pain.

Inward Facing Cat-Cow. (Viparita Karani)

This pose is also known as Inward Facing Cat-Cow. It’s a pose that you can either sit or stand-in. 

It's good for the lower back and hips, but it works for the IT band because of its flexibility. This pose promotes the strength of the hip flexors and enhances the internal rotation of the thigh muscles.

Standing Double Leg Stretch

It is a great way to stretch your IT band and hip flexors. The Standing Double Leg Stretch is a simple and basic pose that many people with tight IT bands can benefit from. 

This pose takes out the pressure on the patellar tendon as well as the knee joint.

Seated Pigeon Twist

This pose is suitable for runners with tight hips, knee pain, or problems with their IT band. It allows you to twist your upper body while stretching the outside of your leg. The twist helps the IT band stretch out.

How do you do a seated pigeon pose?

Head-to-Knee Forward Fold

This pose is excellent for runners with tight IT bands or those who experience knee pain or problems.

It's a perfect way to relieve pressure off the knees and hips. It can also strengthen your legs by pulling on the thighs while stretching them out simultaneously.

Half-Moon Pose

This pose is suitable for runners with chronic knee pain that occurs when running on the side of their knees. It strengthens the hips and stretches out tight IT bands.

What is Half Moon pose good for?

Lotus Pose

Lotus Pose is an effective pose for runners who experience knee pain or tightness in their IT band. This pose strengthens and exercises the hips while also stretching out the IT band.

Seated Spinal Twist

This pose is more of a passive stretch and strengthens the legs while stretching out tight and shortened IT bands. It also encourages internal rotation of the hip flexors to increase strength in this area.

Pigeon Pose

Pigeon Pose is a classic pose that’s good for runners. It stretches out the hip flexors and the outside of the leg. It’s excellent for relieving pressure off the knees and hips.

What is pigeon pose good for?

Seated Half Forward Fold

This pose stretches out your IT band as well as your spine. It can also help release tension in your lower back when you sit with good posture and keep your spine long while bending forward.


When you start to notice pain in your IT band while running, or if you feel as if your knees are more unstable while doing activities, you need to stretch your hips and outside of your thigh. 

Stretching the IT band can decrease swelling and pain, relieve inflexibility in the thigh muscles, increase blood flow to the area, and even decrease inflammation in the knee joint.

If you want to get better results from these poses, perform them as part of a Yoga program. You can also do them individually or perform the poses together in a sequence. 

You may have to perform these poses several times before you start to notice results. But if you don't see any change in your IT band after just a few sessions, it might be time to see a doctor.

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