Yoga Poses For Neck Pain

Easy Yoga Poses That Will Relive You From Neck Pain

Life today’s fast-paced and stressful. It takes a toll on our mental, physical, and emotional health.

The most sensitive area of the body is the neck. People who work with computers and technology have to sit for long periods.

It causes strain in our neck muscles, causing Cervicalgia, as neck pain is better known in medical terms.

It doesn't take a lot to develop pain in this area of your body, and it's easy for that pain to extend to your shoulders and back. Neck pain can lead to headaches and even injury.

For people with neck pain, yoga can be an excellent way to relieve symptoms. In addition, yoga is a great way to exercise your neck and back, which can help alleviate pain in the cervical spine.

Yogis have developed several poses that specifically target the cervical spine, helping to improve health in this region. 

However, practising yoga to relieve neck pain should be done with only a gentle range of motion and the advice of a skilled yogi.

Let’s take a look at different types of yoga poses for neck pain:

Ear to Shoulder/Neck Rolls

The yoga equivalent of the neck stretch is more intense. Probably the most popular and well-known way to relieve neck tension, this yoga pose does it a little bit differently. It’s a highly delicate stretch, so you don’t need to apply a lot of pressure. 

Doing this exercise will immediately start to feel the muscles in your neck being stretched, which will feel quite nice if you're stiff.

Shoulder Thread-the-Needle

This pose is a perfect stretch for your shoulders. The floor doesn’t have to be too hard, so you can practice this pose on the carpet if you want to feel even more comfortable. This pose focuses on stretching the muscles in your neck and back. 

Tech neck is a painful, common condition that causes misalignment in the body. To help alleviate this, it's essential to stretch your shoulders regularly, as shoulder stretches are also essential to eliminate neck pain.

Standing forward bend pose (Salabhasana)

This pose not only stretches the muscles in your spine but also massages your sciatic nerve, which is a long nerve that runs down the back of your body. 

What are the benefits of Salabhasana?
You will feel this stretch in your lower back and hips and some of the muscles in your neck. This pose is also great for circulation, and it massages your back, neck, and shoulders.

Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana)

This yoga exercise is an intense stretch for the neck, and it works similarly to a traction machine by acting as a sort of “mini-neck lift,” which can help you get rid of that kink in your neck. 

Because this pose requires great posture and neck strength, it can be pretty tricky. Never push your neck to its absolute limit. Instead, keep your neck relaxed, and let your head fall back gently to stretch the muscles in your neck.

Child’s pose (Balasana)

This pose stretches your spine and helps relieve head pain. This pose is another great way to ease tension in your back, shoulders, and neck. 

What are the benefits of Balasana?
This pose is deeply relaxing for the back and calms down the nervous system. It also helps relieve constipation.

Reclining Twist (Supta Padangustasana)

It is an excellent exercise for your neck and back muscles. This stretch will help relieve neck pain and release tension from your shoulders. 

Make sure that you practice this pose on a soft carpet so you don't damage anything with your hips as you twist. 

Another great thing about this yoga pose is that it’s a great alternative to the controversial neck traction machine because it doesn’t have any side effects and is more harmless. 

This pose also releases stress and calms the mind. It also improves your posture.

Cat Stretch (Marjariasana)

This pose is excellent for stretching your neck and upper back. In addition, this pose strengthens wrists and shoulders.

What is the benefits of Marjariasana?
 It can also be very relaxing for the mind and help you feel more alert in the long term and improve blood circulation. 

This pose also makes the spine flexible. It also massages the digestive organs, tones the abdomen, and improves digestion.

Supported Fish Pose

This position is significant to offset the posture that most people hold all day – leaned over a computer, looking down – which leads to tech neck. 

Opening the chest and shoulders and moving the neck in the opposite direction can work wonders for people suffering from tech neck.

Dolphin Pose with Chest Expansion

While holding your neck throughout the day helps combat tec-neck, strengthening exercises are also crucial. 

Dolphin pose stretches and strengthens neck muscles so your head will be in a healthy position. This pose is good for overall mobility as well as relieving stress.

Fish tail Pose (Salamba Sarvangasana)

Salamba is the Sanskrit name for a fishtail. This pose, or Salamba Sarvangasana, stretches the neck muscles and relieves tension in the upper back, shoulder muscles, and neck. 

What are the benefits of Salamba sarvangasana?
It is one of the essential poses to practice if you wish to ease pain caused by overstretching the neck from working long hours at your computer or during a long day out shopping at the mall.

Forward Fold with Neck Stretch

Allow gravity to pull your weight down towards the floor. It will help lengthen your neck, release the tension building up in your back muscles, and remove the pressure built in your neck and shoulders. 

This yoga pose is also great for working on your breathing.

Melting Heart Pose

This position gradually melts your heart into the ground for a beautiful backbend that runs through the upper and middle back. — a space that is notoriously difficult to access and causes tension in the neck.

Rabbit Pose

Rabbit Pose helps alleviate tension and stiffness in the spine. In addition, it can stimulate digestion and increase the amount of oxygen flowing to your brain. It also helps to strengthen the muscles in your neck. 

What is Rabbit pose good for?

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this pose due to its cultural appropriateness and misconception that it is’ undignified’ and not ‘glamorous.’

Fish Pose

Fish Pose helps relieve tension in the upper back. It can help alleviate neck pain and relax the mind and is an excellent way to stretch your spine and back muscles.

What is Fish pose good for?

You can do this pose to relieve tension in your neck and shoulders.

Half Frog Pose (Ardha Bhekasana)

Half Frog Pose helps alleviate tension in the upper back and neck. It’s a great way to get rid of neck stiffness. Do not strain your body while doing this exercise, as you want to feel relaxed, not tense.


An effective workout can help you get rid of tech neck. The exercises listed above are great to treat a tight and stiff neck, and they will also help relieve neck pain. 

Along with practising yoga poses at home, you can try some other bodyweight exercises to work on your forearm and back muscles, which will alleviate the tension in your head. So start working out today; you'll feel a difference within no time!

Good luck with your new healthier life!

Thank You!

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