Yoga Poses For Period Cramps

Yoga Poses For Period Cramps That Help With Menstruation Pain Relief

Experiencing pain during menstruation can cause you to seek a solution. Physical activity, such as walking or yoga, may feel like the last thing you want to do. But, yoga poses for period cramps are a thing! 

Some Yoga poses for menstruation pain relief are so effective at relieving menstrual pain that they will probably become a part of your pain management routine.

So, in this article, we will discuss some yoga poses for period cramps relief, yoga poses to avoid period pain, and positions to help period cramps.

Yoga Poses For Period Cramps (Positions To Avoid Period Pain)

Using Yoga poses for menstruation pain relief is a good pain relief strategy. People commonly experience pain in the belly, pelvis, hips and lower back. But there can be more than one source of pain in these areas. 

For example, some people experience pain on their insides, in addition to hurt on their outsides. Areas of pain can often be relieved through specific period cramps relief positions.

Yoga is also a beneficial treatment for mood disorders during PMS and menstruation.

There are several schools of yoga and many poses. Starting without a foundation can be overwhelming. 

Whether you have a significant amount of yoga experience or none at all, we want you to be able to use yoga to treat your menstrual cramps.

Here are a few specific yoga poses to avoid period pain. We encourage you to give these a try!

Child Pose

One of the best yoga poses for period cramps! A child’s pose is a highly relaxing pose that can help to relieve menstrual pains.

What is child's pose good for?
It is one of the most energetic asanas in yoga. The child pose also helps with alignment on your back. 

This Pose is one of the most amazing hip opening yoga poses for beginners and is also among the best yoga poses for back pain. In addition, it soothes the mind too.

Cat-Cow Pose

The Cat-Cow pose is another remedy for cramps and pain in the abdominal area. This pose helps you to stretch the abdomen and helps relieve menstrual cramps. The pose also stretches the back, thighs, and chest muscles.

What is Cat cow pose good for?
It can be challenging for beginners, but most people can master this position in a few days with practice. In addition, this posture tones and stretches the stomach and back muscles. 

Note: Pull from one pose to the next as slowly as required, lingering in a location at one’s desire. Remember to inhale and rise with Cow pose, and exhale to coil inwards with Cat pose.

Resting corpse pose

The resting corpse, sometimes known as Shavasana, is something you’ll also find to be very relaxing. It is usually performed at the upshot of all yoga exercises.

Although this is the simplest form of yoga, there are many benefits. The resting corpse pose helps relax your body and mind.

Supine Twist

Believed to stimulate, detoxify, and refresh the inner organs by “wringing out” the body. A spinal twist will help with cramps and increase blood flow during menstruation. 

What muscles does supine twist work?
Relax the legs, shoulders, and hips, letting gravity take over the twisting process. Prop the knees on top of a bolster or pillow if you have trouble relaxing in the twist.

Reclining Twist pose

The reclining twist has the effect of stimulating, detoxifying, and soothing the body. The stretching motion of the twist also gives a calming effect. In addition, this posture helps stretch your spine. 

Finally, holding in this position for a few minutes can help you ease the nerves during menstruation which can help you relieve the pain.

Knees-To-Chest Pose

This period cramps relief positions is also beneficial for menstrual episodes. This exercise can help you release the muscles in your lower back region and the abdominal muscles.

In addition, this yoga pose is helpful for the intestines and gives you a good stretch. 

Alternatively, the knee-to-chest pose can also increase blood flow in your abdominal region. With the increased blood flow, your organs function properly. In addition, it relaxes and calms the body.

The Camel Pose

You might find the camel pose a little difficult to perform during your periods. However, when it comes to alleviating menstrual cramps, it is beneficial.

To do the camel pose, you need a little strength and suppleness. 

What are the benefits of camel pose?

The camel posture stretches your stomach. A cramp is an involuntary contraction of muscle fibres in the uterus walls that often occur during menstruation.

The pull signals these muscles to stop contracting, which relieves cramps. 

The camel pose also stretches the spine, which helps relieve mild back pain.

Forward Fold

It may be challenging to get out of bed when you have a period. Staying in bed can, most of the time, make your muscles stiff.

What does Forward Fold do?

Standing helps the blood circulate in your lower body and helps to remove the cramps.

In addition, it’s often painful to hold your head up for too long. The forward fold can help relieve the neck and make it easier for you to go out of your bed for periods.

It also reduces the pain in the inner thighs, calves, back, and strengthens hamstrings.


The final pose is usually Savasana, also known as the Corpse pose, to end a yoga class. This simple supine position requires minimal effort but offers a lot of benefits.

Why is savasana so important?

The critical thing while in Savasana is to soften the body and mind. 

Feel the ground under you and focus on your breathing. To relieve pain, take deep breaths. It will let your mind focus on something else and redirect your attention away from the pain. 

This pose is also great for overcoming depression. You can also check out our article about yoga poses for depression.

Conclusion On Yoga Poses For Period Cramps

If you have menstrual cramps, you may want to try out these period cramps relief positions. There are many benefits that a simple yoga practice can bring.

The Yoga poses to avoid period pain in this article are just a few of the many options available for yoga.

I understand that there is no preferred method for treating period cramps. However, you should try out what works best for you and your body. 

There are a variety of positions to help period cramps and exercises that can ease menstrual cramps. The yoga poses for period cramps above have been chosen based on facts and research.

Suffering from menstrual pain can be hard to deal with. But it shouldn’t stop you from living your everyday life. 

Yoga is a great way to manage menstrual cramps. It’s a gentler and more therapeutic option than taking pain medication.

Just remember to go at your own pace and breathe throughout the entire process while you perform these Yoga poses for menstruation pain relief.

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