Yoga Poses For Two People

The Amazing Yoga Poses For Two Person

Do you and your partner not have a set date night routine yet? Bath, wine, and Netflix just isn’t cutting it? Are you tired of breaking out the board games?

We’ve got you covered. Try these poses with your significant other to bring the fun back into your relationship!

Yoga is a great way to stay healthy and relax at the same time. Plus, it's always fun to do it together with someone who cares about you. 

If you’ve never tried Yoga with your significant other before, check out our blog about how to practice Yoga with someone special.

Yoga has been an excellent way for couples to stay closer emotionally and physically since ancient times. Couples Yoga is the best way to boost communication, build trust and have fun!

In this article, I will cover yoga poses for two people from beginner level through to advanced. So whether you’ve done Yoga for years or just started, you’ll find a pose that’s right for you!

Before you begin, it is vital to note that you only work as far as you feel comfortable. Everyone has varying levels of flexibility. 

Don't force your body into a position that doesn't feel right, as this can lead to injury. If you experience severe pain, stop doing the yoga poses and see a doctor.

So, come, get a mat, get a water bottle and find a partner to start practising and try these poses with your partner to bring the fun back into your relationship! 

Let’s get started!

The Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced

Yoga Poses for Beginners

This section will cover some basic yoga poses suitable for beginners or more advanced yogis as a warm-up before moving onto the more challenging poses.

Seated cat-cow

It is an outstanding yoga pose for anyone who has stiffness in their hips and back. If you’ve ever wanted to try cat-cow but were too scared to, this is the time! 

Partner forward fold

Practising this Pose with Yoga for 2 is an excellent way to stretch the hamstrings, inner thighs, shoulders, and arms.

Chair Pose

A chair pose is a great way to increase flexibility in the arms and shoulders. In addition, this Pose builds leg muscles and improves posture.

What is chair pose good for?

Standing Forward Fold

Standing forward fold is a good warm-up for your hips, lower back, spine, and hamstrings. It will also help stretch your chest.

How do you do a standing forward fold?

Double Tree Pose

A doubletree pose is a great way to improve balance and posture and opens up the hips.


It is a  lovely joint position to open up the shoulder blades and chest..

How do you pose at temples?

Warrior III

A warrior 3 is a great pose to improve balance, flexibility, and strength. It also encourages good posture.

Is Warrior 3 an advanced pose?

Intermediate Yoga Poses

The poses for two people in this section are for intermediate-level yogis.  If you’ve done the easy beginner poses in the previous quarter and you feel like performing more challenging poses, give these a go! 

These poses require a little more flexibility and strength than beginner poses. So let’s get into it!

Buddy boat

Buddy boats are a great partner pose to stretch the hamstrings and lower back while also working the core muscles.

What is boat pose good for?

Double Plank

A pose that may seem easier than it is! This Pose would improve muscle strength, especially in the core.

Chair & Mountain

This partner pose is a lot like the chair pose. The best thing about this Pose is that it improves your balance, stretches the shoulders, and opens the hips.

Double Dancer

This is a fun partner pose that can help you improve balance and rhythm. In addition, this Pose is the ultimate stretch for your hips and thighs. Perform this Instagram-Esque Pose to promote flexibility. 

Square pose

An amusing posture that curtails the hamstrings and back and opens up the shoulders.

Supported Child Pose

The supported child pose is a lovely descent that opens your hips and hamstrings while lengthening the spine. It’s helpful for back pain, too.

Advanced Yoga Poses

These poses are more challenging and advanced. If you’re an intermediate or an advanced yogi, these poses should be right up your alley! So let’s get into it!

Yoga Twister

The yoga twister is a powerful pose that strengthens the legs and wrists. It also stretches the shoulders, hips, and ankles. This Pose looks elegant, creative, and it feels like a fun yet challenging task.

Triangle Pose

A triangle pose is another postural pose that stretches the entire body. It is a lot like a modified locust/tabletop pose finished with Cobra, where you can place your arms like an upside-down triangle.

What is triangle pose good for?

 Flying Superman

It is one of the best yoga poses for stretching the entire body. This yoga pose extends and strengthens the chest, shoulders, arms, legs, abs, and lower back muscles. An all-rounder!

Flying Bow 

This is a unique pose that improves lower body strength for the base person while opening up the chest, lengthening the spine, and releasing tension for the top person.

Flying Handstand Scorpion

The Flying handstand scorpion is an advanced pose that works on the shoulders and abs. It also helps to stretch the entire body, making it a fun addition to any yoga routine!

Star pose

Star pose is one of the most advanced poses which strengthens the core and stretches the entire body.

What is star pose?

Alexander’s Pose

Alexander’s Pose is a challenging pose that helps strengthen and stretch the lower back and hips and gives you a feeling of strength and balance. It also increases flexibility in the spine and stretches the arms, neck, and shoulders.

There you have it! We have mentioned 20 different yoga poses, from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced. Like all other exercises, my advice is to always practice and listen to your body at your own pace. 

Yoga should be done at least four times a week. Before starting any workout for the first time, do some light stretching first (10-15 minutes) without weights or machines. 

Do not hesitate to ask for our advice if you have any questions about anything you read in this article!

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