Pregnancy Yoga Poses The Third Trimester

Yoga Poses Suitable For The The Third Trimester Pregnancy

Yoga is a beautiful way to nourish both you and your baby when you are pregnant. It can also help you cope with and prepare your mind and body for any pregnant demands and obstacles, particularly during the third trimester. 

Movement of any type may feel fantastic and be good for you at this stage of pregnancy.

The third-trimester sequence below is easy enough to perform even on your lowest energy days, or you may repeat the postures twice if you're feeling strong. 

It will aid in keeping your joints lubricated, your spine extended, and your mind concentrated as you race to the finish line.

However, make sure you perform what feels appropriate and works for you and avoid muscle injuries and high-pressure workouts.

Benefits of yoga during the third trimester of

These are the advantages that yoga can provide you, especially during your third trimester. 

  • Yoga also helps you prepare for labour and delivery. 
  • Yoga postures like Child’s Pose and Squatting can offer relief from lower back pain, help relax your pelvic muscles, and prepare you for the big event.
  • Yoga relieves depression during pregnancy.
  • More blood flow helps you adjust to hormonal fluctuations and prepare for labour.
  • Yoga will help you cope with any abnormal pains that occur during pregnancy. It makes it easier to handle any discomfort that is associated with pregnancy, such as contractions.
  • It also alleviates tension and stress in the body, thereby making you more relaxed and peaceful. 

The yoga poses you’ll perform in the third-trimester sequence are safe for most pregnant women and will help you prepare for delivery. 

However, if you have any condition that requires extra attention or special instructions, please ask your doctor before practising this yoga sequence. This way, you'll know what to do and what not to do at this time.

You can also join prenatal yoga classes, which will give you the tools to better cope with any sitting, standing, or lying down challenges that may arise during your pregnancy.

You will learn how to stretch, strengthen, relax and breathe. It will help you feel more confident in many aspects of your life, including motherhood.

Below are some poses you can comfortably incorporate into your daily routine.

Cat cow pose

It is an excellent position for extending the spine and strengthening the core muscles. It is an excellent method for all stages of pregnancy. In addition, it will assist in building your stomach as your pregnancy progresses.

What are the benefits of cat-cow pose?
This asana also helps to alleviate back pain and improves the circulation of spinal fluids and blood.

When doing this position, focus on your belly breathing. It will help to relax your thoughts and reduce morning sickness.

Corpse pose (Savasana I on the side)

This pose will calm both your body and mind.  In addition, it quickly improves your energy, making it helpful in combating tiredness during pregnancy.

It also aids in the prevention of pregnancy-related adverse symptoms such as discomfort, morning sickness, and nausea.

Legs Up The Wall

Getting your pregnant body into this posture takes some (less-than-glamorous) manoeuvring, but once you’re there, you’ll want to stay there all day! 

Resting your legs up the wall helps gravity help blood flow back to your heart and decrease inflammation in the feet and ankles. You will need a bolster, cushion, or folded blanket up against the wall.

Wide-Legged Child Pose

A healthy yoga practice will offer chances to rest and recover your energy long before you relax into Savasana.

What is child's pose good for?
Not only is Child's Pose excellent for prenatal practice, but it's also an excellent posture for relaxing in between contractions during birth!

Place a bolster or stack of cushions in front of you on the mat and slowly lower your torso. Your head and chest should be adequately supported by the pillows, with enough room for your belly.

Goddess Pose

Although you may be feeling anything but divine in your final months of pregnancy, a few minutes in Goddess Pose can spark a strengthening fire in your legs and allow you to harness the mother energies of delivering women around! Goddess is a strong posture that strengthens the body, challenges the mind, and expands the hips.

Easy pose with arm strengthening and wrist rolls

Wrist discomfort and sensitivity, particularly at night, are frequent complaints among women in their third trimester. The wrist rolls in this position assist in relieving some of the pain. 

However, this variant also forces us to hold our arms elevated for longer than we may want, which we can utilize as a chance to practice breathing through sensation—a vital ability to have in preparation for delivery.

Bound Angle Pose/Full butterfly pose

The half and full butterfly postures are great for freeing up the hips. They can improve blood circulation to the pelvic floor and assist a woman in becoming used to the sensation of opening up. 

What is butterfly pose good for?
They also aid in the relief of stress and weariness in the inner thigh muscles and legs.

Standing Upward Stretch

If you’re feeling tired in your third trimester, the Standing Upward Stretch can be an excellent addition to your practice.

It removes shoulder and upper back stiffness. Deep, coordinated breathing increases lung capacity. 

It affects the heart and promotes blood circulation. As a result, the entire body, particularly the brain, receives an increase in oxygen delivery.

Full Shoulder Rotation

It is an excellent yoga posture, which opens the chest and shoulders, improves circulation in the arms, and increases mobility in the shoulder joints.

It improves shoulder and upper back circulation and flexibility. It also boosts mammary gland function.

Seated double pigeon variation 

Signs of moving pelvic bones include hip discomfort and stiffness, which may be extremely painful. Unfortunately, many of our favourite hip openers aren’t always available while we’re pregnant. 

This seated variation of double pigeon uses props to assist pregnant women in feeling a deep release in their outer hips while also supporting their expanding stomachs.

These are some of the safe yoga postures for a pregnant woman. You can practice these postures more than once a week to ensure you exercise your body correctly and keep it healthy while you are expecting. 

You can also try Meditation or Yoga Nidra, which will take you even farther, allowing you to relax and connect with your inner self fully. 

Continue your meditation practice if you already have one, and try practising right after pranayama. Before and after your meditation, alternate nostril breathing is strongly advised. 

If you're new to meditation, you might want to try Sahaj Samadhi Meditation, a straightforward approach.


Some of the finest yoga techniques during the third trimester are specified in the above sequence.

They can assist you in preparing your body for the physical reality of childbirth. In addition, they psychologically prepare you for anything that may occur. 

Yoga isn’t a guarantee that you’ll have a smooth time giving delivery. However, yoga’s emphasis on letting go and allowing things to unfold may be soothing. It is especially true during this period of mental, emotional, and spiritual stress.

Did these yoga postures help during your pregnancy? Tell us in the comments section below!

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