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How About These Yoga Poses To Induce Labor

By week 32, a woman is considered to be in her full-term pregnancy. That’s when she’s most likely ready to meet her baby.

But even with your due date around the corner, there’s no telling when the baby will decide to make its grand entrance. 

So mothers-to-be try to speed up their labour by going for a walk or eating spicy foods. Attempting specific Yoga poses helps to induce labour by gently preparing your body for birth in various ways.

For example, for many women, Yoga helps ease back pain and make them feel more calm, healthy, and relaxed. And for some women, these poses can even bring on labour when otherwise it wouldn’t have happened yet.

So if you are interested in trying a few of these poses, check with your doctor and your instructor to be sure they're a safe option for you.

Try these Yoga Poses To Induce Labor!

Tailor Pose (Butterfly Stretch)

One of the best poses to try is the “butterfly” or tailor pose. It stretches the muscles in your pelvis, thighs, and back. In addition, it aids in lower body blood circulation, which alleviates the pain of childbirth. 

What is the butterfly stretch good for?
It would be best if you closed your eyes to feel the stretch in your abdomen as you breathe deeply into your stomach. Be still in the position nearly for about 10-15 seconds, then relax. Repeat the period 5-10 times.

Cat-Cow Pose (Pelvic Tilts)

An alternative method to induce labour is the yoga cat-cow stretch, also known as pelvic tilts. This move alleviates the burden of your baby off your back.

What are pelvic tilts good for?
Pelvic exercises are suitable for pregnancy because they loosen up the joints and help with a birth.

Cobra Pose (Spinal Balance)

This yoga pose brings more muscular labour contraction by getting the pelvis and lower body ready for birth. In addition, it helps relieve back and joint issues that may be caused by pregnancy.

What is spinal balancing?

Bridge Pose (Spinal Lift)

This pose is said to help with the dilation process and stimulate your pelvis, increasing blood flow to the area. It can also help to bring on labour when you are overdue.

Garland Pose (Squats)

Another type of Yoga you can do to induce labour is garland pose or squats. Squats allow gravity to help open your pelvis. 

What does the Garland Pose do?
They also provide a low entry point for the baby's head when it comes out. It's a great move to help prepare your body for childbirth.

Standing Forward Fold (Pelvic Tilt)

It is another yoga pose that works to prepare your pelvis for birth. When you do this asana or pose, it helps strengthen your thighs, hamstrings, and both of your lower back muscles.

Wide-Leg Forward Fold 

It is another pose that helps to induce labour. It’s essential to keep hips open during labour and delivery, making room for the baby to trip through the birth canal. 

Therefore, Prasarita Padattonasana — also known as Wide-Leg Forward Fold — is an excellent pose to prep for your little one to arrive. It's common to feel some pain while doing Yoga. Yoga blocks can help if you need a little extra help.

Child’s Pose (Belly Bend)

Yoga for the first time can be an intimidating situation. However, the child’s pose gives you the chance to relax in a safe position. It can also help your back muscles and increase blood circulation. 

What is child's pose good for?

Low Lunge (Half-Moon Stretch)

Statistics show that women who induce their labour with Yoga have a shorter hospital stay and less pain after their birth. 

When you do this exercise, it helps stretch the muscles in your backside, hamstrings, thighs, and calves. It will also strengthen your needed muscles to give birth.

Supine Twist 

This posture is not considered a traditional method of labour induction, but it is popular with women who practice pregnancy yoga. 

It helps release the tension in your lower back and relieve any stress you might feel about bringing your baby into the world. It also helps to counter the effects of gravity, which will help your body during birth.

Table Top Position

Many yoga practitioners believe that this pose can help induce labour by greatly aiding in the pushing process. The tabletop position is one of the more accessible poses to do because it takes very little energy. 

Many women who are yoga beginners try this pose before they become pros at other poses. They often do it quietly in their rooms to help themselves relax during their first prenatal yoga class.

King Pigeon Pose

The pigeon pose is challenging, but it stretches some crucial muscles, like your hips, thighs, and psoas. When these muscles are open and relaxed, it makes for a smoother labour and birth. 

While you are in this pose, it is recommended to use a centring breath, making your exhales twice as long as your inhales.

Spinal Flexes

Spinal stretches are also helpful to promote flexibility. With this pose, you can also feel a good stretch in your back and get up on your toes.

What is spinal flex?
This pose relaxes and takes some pressure off your lower back before giving birth.


If you choose to do some of these poses to induce labour, do them consistently. For example, stick to the pose for 10-15 seconds and repeat it 5-10 times. 

Also, be sure to breathe deeply into your belly when you make these yoga moves. That will help you to feel the stretch.

When trying to induce labour with Yoga, it is also essential to choose the correct poses for your body. A good instructor will help you understand how each posture can affect your body and where you can use it as a tool to induce labour.

If you're interested in natural labour-inducing methods, Yoga is a great choice.

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