We believe that Yoga is healing medicine and it that should be accessible to everyone. Part of our mission is to be able to offer soulful and inspired teachings that are rich in authenticity and infused with wisdom for the real world. However, we know that often yoga is only affordable for some and for others is only accessible as a once in a while luxury. Practicing regularly will change your life. It has the potential to enliven your spirit and offer healing for your body, mind, and soul. As a business in a competitive market operating in a high priced city, we know how hard it is to sometimes make ends meet. This is our way of evening the playing field for those who need some extra help getting to the mat. Funded by Love Hive Members, we take a portion of the profits and reinvest them in our local community by offering memberships at a deeply discounted rate. Our hope is to get as many people as possible to invest in their own well being and self care. Numerous studies have found that practicing yoga and meditation regularly greatly decreases your chances of many major illnesses, lowers your stress levels, and increases your overall feelings of well being. We all benefit when there are more humans feeling happier out there in the world. Love Hive Yoga is set on helping to raise the level of consciousness and Love on this planet, one yogi at a time. Starting right here. Right now. 

What you need to know

  • To begin you must apply for the scholarship. You can download the application below or HERE. There are also paper copies at both locations. 

  • There are income restrictions and we require some form of proof of income. Scholarships are available for those earning 25K or less per year and 30K for individuals with 1-2 dependents. Those that have other financial circumstances that are challenged but are not within these parameters, are still encouraged to apply as special considerations will be reviewed.  

  • Yoga Scholarship is for an unlimited yoga membership at $50 per month (a $49 discount). Additional discounts (as well as less of a discount) will be considered if applicable. 

  • Must commit to 6 months and resubmit proof of income every 6 months to reapply. 



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