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How Much Does a Yoga Teacher Make In Canada

Yoga is a prevalent spiritual and physical practice, with worldwide classes.

Yoga teachers are not just present in communal settings such as yoga studios but also have the opportunity to teach at meditation centres, fitness clubs, and private gyms. 

With higher than average salaries in some regions of Canada and the United States (such as Surrey), many people choose this profession to make an income. Despite this, there is relatively little information about what instructors make.

Where the Money Comes From:

There are three main ways in which yoga teachers make their money. The first and most traditional is through a studio.

Studios will offer day and evening classes, usually at different rates. Instructors will provide private lessons for an additional fee as well.
How much money do yoga instructors make in Canada?

The second way is through teaching yoga at gyms or rehab centres. But, again, different rates will be for other classes, with private lessons available.

Through the third way, teachers can make money by using social media to advertise themselves. It can be through Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. The teacher can then receive payment for views and followers.

How Much Do They Make?

According to PayScale, a yoga instructor earns an average salary of 33,000 CAD per year in Canada. In the United States, this figure is much higher at $52,000 per year on average (BLS). 

Yoga instructors in Surrey, BC (Canada) make the most, taking home an average of $35.80 per hour. Yoga instructors in Aurora, CO (USA) make the least, with $27.66 per hour being the most they can earn.


Although it is difficult to put an exact figure on what a yoga teacher makes, this information can guide students into the profession regarding salary and the possibility of employment.

Can you earn a living as a yoga instructor?
Not only is yoga a great way to exercise and meditate, but it can also help people find jobs and make money. 

The data provided in this article will help students who wish to become yoga instructors with future aspirations.

So there you have it. They make a little over $35K to start at one studio in Ontario and get upwards of $52K in the US, with most of their income coming from their time as instructors. 

Now that’s something to aspire to (and I would imagine this is true for many other occupations).

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