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Learning Yoga With Adriene Mishler – A Review To Know Her Better

If you’re new to yoga and have been tinkering with yoga videos on YouTube, I’m sure you’ve heard of or come across a YouTube channel called Yoga With Adriene. 

The videos are usually about 10 to 15 minutes long and give you great yoga ideas for beginners. It was over the top inspiring, and I’ve continued to follow her ever since!

Who is she?

Adriene Mishler is an entertainer, author, business visionary and most importantly, a worldwide yoga educator from Austin, Texas. 

How many days is the Yoga With Adriene program?
She is the one who brought yoga studio lessons directly to your house. Her YouTube channel has over 6 million subscribers.

She has several programs on her YouTube channel, and some of her most popular yoga videos are in it! Which is your favourite one?  

  • Yoga Stretch
  • Movement As Medicine
  • Yoga For Bedtime
  • 10-min Yoga For Self Care

30 days of yoga

Yoga With Adriene’s YouTube channel is known for its 30-day yoga challenges – or 30-day yoga series. 

Adriene will occasionally utilize outdated videos in the 30 days series; nevertheless, it is still a fantastic yoga playlist for you to check out for 30 days if you are still a yoga novice.

You may also download her monthly yoga calendar, which shows which videos to watch each day.

Her videos are simple to follow and entertaining, and unlike many yoga instructions, she concentrates her practice on focused breathing, body healing, stretching, and pain alleviation. 

Her lectures are less about striking postures in a strict manner and more about learning to link your body with your mind.

An hour with Adriene becomes the time when you can strip back, let go of the tensions and anxieties of daily life, and become immersed in yourself.

Adriene is an expert at helping women (and men!) utilize yoga to bring healing and comfort. Her videos cover anything from stretching muscles, relieving back pain, strengthening the abdominal core, bloating, period problems, and sorrow. 

Benefits of her 30-day yoga workout

Muscle tone after 30 days of yoga: 

Yoga with Adriene is a good choice for beginners looking to tone their bodies. It is because training with her yoga videos for 30 days can give you firm muscles. 

The yoga poses are vigorous enough to work out your muscles but not too rough that you feel sore afterwards.

Better sleep:

 Adriene has several videos that are specially created for bedtime. It is suitable for those of you who have trouble sleeping and have insomnia. Sleeping right after yoga can leave you feeling more relaxed, and hence sleep better!


 As a yoga instructor, Adriene regularly mentions the benefits of yoga to headaches. She regularly posts videos of how to take care of your neck by doing yoga poses. So if you are suffering from headaches, you may consider giving her yoga videos a try!

Teaches Mindfulness:

 Her videos are also known for teaching mindfulness, which is why it is extremely popular with anxiety or depression sufferers!


Adriene herself is known for her flexibility, which makes her yoga videos amazing to watch. Even if you are not very flexible or a novice, you can still do them! It might also encourage you to exercise further.

Teaches Self-Love: 

Adriene’s videos are also known to teach self-love. For example, there is a video of hers where she does several poses with the word “love” printed in bold on them, such as “I love my shoulders” and “I love my heart.” It is suitable for those of you who have anxiety or depression.

Yoga With Adriene Reviews

If you go through the comments on Adriene’s YouTube videos, you’ll notice a lot of praise for her work. People claim to have conquered depression by discovering the light inside themselves due to Adriene’s activities.

If you've ever watched her videos, you'll know that Adriene rapidly becomes a friend, therapist, and trainer.

If you haven’t tried any of her practices yet, her recently published video series titled ‘Dedicate: 30 Days Of Yoga’ could persuade you to roll out your yoga mat for a short period.

Yoga With Adriene Diet

We all know and will agree that exercise and diet go hand in hand to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You must not only keep your body active, but you must also fuel it well. 

Adriene is well aware of this, and she follows a diet rich in nutritious worth to enhance the body's inner workings.

She has posted numerous recipes for healthful foods that she enjoys cooking on her site. One of her favourite at-home culinary pleasures is ‘Yogi Tea,’ which she describes as “taking yoga off the yoga mat and into the kitchen.” 

The tea contains black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and other ingredients. Adriene swears by this tea for encouraging optimal health, including cold and flu prevention, joint and gut health support, and even mental health.

Bottom Line

Yoga with Adriene might well be a lifeline and a method to help someone get through the day, or even if they want to unwind and focus on themselves. 

What happens after 30 days of yoga with Adriene?
There are so many options, and the only thing you need to worry about is being comfortable in your own house.

I hope the review has helped you! For any comments or questions, please leave them in the comments section!

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