In my classes, you can expect to sweat, laugh and reflect while you learn something new about yoga (and possibly about yourself) and to emerge feeling calm and relaxed.  I plan all my classes around three themes:

  • Peak Flow: My classes are designed to make challenging, "peak" yoga postures more accessible for you with the right combination of stretching, strengthening and alignment.  

  • Steady​ ​Flow:​ I think slowing down and progressing steadily can make vinyasa even more rewarding by giving us time to safely find our edge and to cultivate yoga’s more subtle benefits.

  • Mindful​ ​Flow:​ ​We can’t always control what happens in our lives but we can do our best to respond calmly and consciously to whatever happens. In my experience, a consistent yoga practice can help us build and maintain our capacity for mindfulness.


To me, yoga is a beautiful experiment that has revolutionized my physical, mental, and emotional well-being. I think yoga can help us ask and sometimes even answer the biggest questions we have about ourselves and the Universe.  I especially love vinyasa classes for the way they inspire and challenge me while still leaving space for me to reflect and relax.


I am inspired in my teaching by own yoga practice and by my teachers: Jason Crandell, Todd Jackson, Don and Amba Stapleton, and Rusty Wells.  I’ve completed close to a thousand hours of yoga teacher trainings and I’m honored to continue mentoring with Jason Crandell as an assistant in his advanced teacher trainings.  


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