Srirachas Yoga Pants Review

Srirachas Yoga Pants Review

Siracha’s “Yoga Pants” Are So Hot; Even Yoga Classes Are Turning Into Sex Festivals!

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Yoga is a great way to stretch out and tone your muscles, but the process can quickly become mundane if you aren’t careful. Luckily, with the right gear, the practice can be more fun and less stressful. 

Sriracha is the brand that makes the most sensual yoga gear available, and their new "Srirachas" collection brings a fresh, spicy twist to the well-loved practice. 
Srirachas Yoga Pants Review

These are the most comfortable yoga pants you’ll ever wear, thanks to a unique fabric blend that wicks away moisture and keeps you cool and dry. 

In addition, the 3-dimensional "Sriracha" logo on the waistband is a subtle reminder of the brand's spicy origins.  

Do you think yoga pants are just a standard pair of leggings? You are entirely mistaken if you believe yoga pants were already as attractive as they could be. 

Srirachas are designed mainly for sex. You might wonder how. Take a peek to see if you can figure out what their secret is!

While they may appear ordinary yoga pants, a concealed flap in the crotch allows for quick vaginal access. 

The concept of Srirachas is that you don't have to be Donald Duck to have sex. Srirachas would potentially let you get it in without having to disrobe fully, whether it's chilly outside or you're simply in the mood for a quickie.

These yoga pants are equally acceptable for the gym for your special evening events because the opening is nicely disguised.

They provide a little spice to a stale pair of jeans, and perhaps they'll do the same for your romantic outing. 

Just having that openness, a secret you both know, offers just enough taboo to keep things interesting. At the very least, these crotchless yoga trousers are unique.

Where to buy them?

You may purchase them via Sriracha’s website or on Amazon for $69.69. 


How are they made to fit perfectly?

The unique fabric blend takes care of that issue. It’s flexible and stretchy, so it allows for maximum comfort.

Do the others in your class know you’re wearing Sriracha Yoga Pants? 

The other panels conceal the openings, so no one will know unless you decide to drop your clothes!

If the Yoga Pants are crotchless, does that mean they can be worn as regular pants?

You might want to wear a pair of panties underneath, but it is possible to wear these as regular pants.

However, if you're not comfortable with your privates exposed, you can always put on a pair of underwear and then put the yoga pants on over them.

Customer reviews

For the most part, the reviews for this product have been positive.  However, some users say that they are small.  One user commented that they were “beautiful” but “a bit small in the crotch.” 

Srirachas Yoga Pants Review
They are also pretty pricey, so if you are on a budget, you may not be able to justify buying them.  

Another user commented that it cost too much for their liking. You may not get the best workout out of these yoga pants if you do a good amount of squats.  

Another user commented that they were "sitting down doing squats" when they were supposed to be doing forward fold.  

They also noted that if it’s too hot, the pants get sweaty and get uncomfortable quickly.


Most yoga pants are pretty similar.  The opening for this underwear is unique; other than that, they are no different from many others on the market.  They are also similarly priced, though some are even more expensive.

If you don't like or can't afford Sriracha Yoga Pants, you can always opt for regular ones.  You may not get the same kind of excitement out of them, but they will still work just fine in terms of stretching and toning muscles.


We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you want to spice things up in the bedroom or look good in the gym, these yoga pants could be for you. 

If nothing else, they're fun and unique.  They also may be the thing to make your man think you are hotter than ever no matter where you are!

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