Different Types Of Yoga

Different Types Of Yoga For Beginners For Body Mind & Soul

Yoga as a discipline dates back thousands of years and is practised by people from all religious backgrounds.

It’s a way to both maintain physical and mental well-being while also connecting deeper with the universe.

If you are a beginner and want to start practising yoga, you have come to the perfect place! This article will provide you with helpful information about yoga, its types, which poses to perform if you are a beginner, and so much more! 

By the end of this article, you will know everything about yoga, its overall benefits, what poses to perform, and how to start practising it. 

Let’s get started!

What Are Some Easiest/Simple yoga types for beginners?

Do you want to know the different types of yoga? The following are some of the most popular types of yoga for beginners.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha is the most common type of yoga, and it’s also one of the more accessible types to get started with.

What is a hatha yoga like?
Practitioners usually begin with simple breathing exercises but can eventually move on to more challenging poses worth the benefits. 

Hatha is suitable for beginners because it allows people to get into their bodies and master their breath before moving to more advanced poses. 

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is often referred to as flow yoga. It’s a rather intense type of yoga where the focus is on moving in an energy-focused way that connects with the breathing process. 

This type of yoga is excellent for people who want to really get into the physical part of the practice but do so in a meditative manner. 

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini is one of the most challenging types of yoga but also one of the most rewarding. It involves breathing exercises, meditation, and physical exercises. 

It's not for someone just starting, but it can be a massive help to generally fit people who want to experience the full power of yoga. 

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar is a type of yoga that involves precise body movements which are easy to follow. It’s also therapeutic, meaning yoga students can experience healing benefits even if they’re just starting. 

Is Iyengar yoga for Beginners?

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga is one of the most challenging types of yoga. It’s a reasonably intense practice that involves working from the inside out.

This type of yoga is best for advanced practitioners who want to push their boundaries and experience something new. 

Bikram Yoga

Bikram is a type of yoga that takes place in a very heated room. While this might sound like it would be uncomfortable, the heat enhances the experience. 

Power Yoga

Because Power Yoga is fast-paced, people can keep their heart rates up while also getting into their bodies simultaneously. It’s a great way to get into shape and become more flexible at the same time.

Hot Yoga

While Hot Yoga might seem challenging at first, it allows people to get into their bodies and feel the benefits of deep practice.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a great way to heal and strengthen the muscles. It’s also beneficial because it allows people to develop a sense of inner peace simultaneously.

What are the 3 principles of yin yoga?

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is a new type of yoga that involves straps and ropes, which can be an exciting experience. Aerial yoga also allows people to go beyond their limitations, making it a great way to connect with the universe.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is an excellent way for people who are older to enjoy the benefits of yoga. It’s also a good way for younger people to experience the practice with less stress on their joints. 

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a great way to enjoy a sense of ease and still feel the benefits of being in your body. It’s an excellent way to relax and let go of stress at the same time. 

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is an excellent way for women to connect with their bodies during pregnancy. The focus of Prenatal Yoga is on breathing and connecting with one’s inner-self.

When should you start prenatal yoga?

Katonah Yoga

Katonah is a type of yoga that’s great for people who want to experience deeper connections to nature. It’s also an excellent way to balance the body and mind at the same time.

Couples Yoga

Couples Yoga is a fantastic workout for both your body and your relationship. It’s a great way to spend time with your partner and come out feeling refreshed and energized.

Spiritual Yoga

Spiritual yoga is a type of yoga that focuses on the energy connection between the body and soul. It’s very much about developing one’s association with the cosmos.

What Are Some Easy beginner yoga postures, Poses & stretches To Start With

Now that you know the different types of yoga, these are some of the most popular yoga poses, postures, and stretches to start your journey with!

Easy Pose (Sukasana)

This pose aids beginners in establishing a seated foundation for their practice is a familiar pose for learning the art of meditation and promotes spine stretching and alignment. 

Sukasana also has a relaxing effect on the mind and body and the ability to concentrate. Sit up on a cushion, folded blankets, or even a yoga block to make Easy pose easier. Support your knees with blankets or blocks if they are aching.

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Tadasana is a basic standing pose that helps beginners establish a grounded and stable foundation.

Is tadasana a mountain pose?
It also helps to improve the mind-body connection and aligns the spine and hips. This beginner pose is excellent for anyone who wants to improve posture and reduce back pain.

Cat-Cow (Marjaryasana-Bitilasana)

This posture is a variation of the basic forward bend and is a favourite of yoga teachers. It involves alternating back and forth from a gentle cat stretch to a curling-up spine that resembles a cow’s gentle arching movement. The pose stretches the lower back, abdomen, chest, throat muscles, and shoulders.

Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

A classic pose to improve balance and lengthen your legs, a triangle pose also strengthens hip flexors, thighs, and calves. In addition, the pose helps to relieve stress, strengthen the legs and improve overall stamina.

Warrior 1 (Virabhadrasana 1)

Warrior 1 helps bring awareness, energy, and zest into your body, making it an excellent beginner’s yoga pose. It helps develop stamina and strength while also improving balance. 

What are the benefits of Virabhadrasana?
Do not take this pose lightly, though; it is considered an intermediate-level yoga posture. This pose is all about power and balance for you to hold it for more extended periods.

 Child’s pose (Balasana)

A child’s pose is a very relaxing asana, as it calms the mind and body like nothing else. It helps to make your body feel comfortable and rejuvenated. You can hold this pose for about 15 minutes or so. 

This pose is the fastest way to relax, and it is excellent for stress relief, headaches, and back pain.

Essential Things To know before starting with yoga.

Yoga practice is an excellent way to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit. It also helps keep you flexible and fit. However, you should not rush into practising yoga if you’re looking to improve your fitness. 

Before you learn the poses, you need to be sure that it's for you. Here are some essential things that will help you determine if yoga is suitable for you. 

Specialized Yoga

Although many people practise yoga, the intricacy of the movement and the amount of time you’ll need to devote to it vary from person to person. 

Also, if you are overweight or have any health issues, like diabetes or high blood pressure, you should tread with caution because yoga can aggravate these conditions if practised incorrectly. 


To get the most out of your yoga experience, you need to prepare for a typical class’s amount of time required. It takes time for your body and mind to adjust to the various poses.

Practising at Home

If you decide to go ahead with it, make sure you have plenty of space in your home. You can practice yoga at home with your friends, family, or even alone if you want to.

If you have doubts about how well it will work for you, try a studio class.

Obtain a Good Teacher

If you’re starting from scratch, you must seek a good teacher who will guide you through your practice and give clear instructions on the poses and proper breathing techniques. 

How To Find Beginner Yoga Classes near me

When you’re ready to take your yoga practice to the next level, you may want to consider taking a class at a local yoga studio. Yoga studios typically have a wide range of styles available for people of various levels and intentions. 

If you have never practised before, it is best to start with an introductory class that gets you acquainted with the studio's instructors and the variety of equipment used in a typical style.

The following information will help you find the proper studio for you:

Consider your location

Just because you live in an urban area makes it easier to find a good yoga studio. While studios in larger cities offer more options than small towns do, sometimes it can be easier to find a beginner yoga class in a small town. 

Ask friends, family members, and co-workers for recommendations about yoga classes in your area, or consider searching through your phone book or online listings.

Find out when the class is offered

Finding out when the classes are can give you an idea of how much demand there is for yoga classes in a given time slot. 

For example, it might be easier to find a beginner yoga class if offered early in the morning before work or in the evenings after work.

Be mindful of class size

While some yoga classes are for large groups of people, you might want to consider taking a smaller class or private session.

Smaller classes might offer more personalized attention and be better for beginners who need more detailed instruction.

Determine your schedule

Some yoga classes are offered once a week, while other studios offer multiple sessions throughout the week.

If you're interested in taking more than one class each week, be sure to ask the studio about their frequency of sessions and what days they offer classes.

If you’re interested in taking yoga classes for beginners or other types of yoga, there are plenty of ways to learn more about it.

What Are Some Best Beginner Online Classes For Yoga

Several websites offer online yoga classes, and many of them offer free online yoga classes. These online yoga classes can be a great way to sample various types of yoga and find the one you like best.

The following is a list of some popular sites that offer free or low-cost online yoga classes for beginners:

Hatha Yoga Basics

This course focuses on Hatha Yoga and includes a 7-day curriculum to help you get started with your practice, even if you’ve never done yoga before.

Each of the seven lessons is 20-30 minutes long and teaches the basics, focusing on alignment cues and modifications.

Yoga: Online Yoga Course for Beginners

It is a quick and easy introduction to yoga that might help you get started. It offers 10-minute trial lessons and is an excellent option for busy people who want to try yoga but don’t have an extra hour in their day. The training offers a thorough explanation of Sun Salutations as well as meditation.

Chair Yoga for Seniors & Beginners

This online course is all about the well-known chair yoga technique. It’s ideal for people who believe they lack strength, and it’s trendy among the elderly.

Some Of The Best Beginner Yoga Teachers In Youtube

If you like the comfort of your home, then you might want to consider watching online yoga videos on youtube. These videos are viral among both beginners and experienced practitioners. 

The following is a list of some of the best Yoga teachers on Youtube:


It is the channel of funny and beautiful Adrienne Mischler. Yoga is her passion, and you can enjoy fantastic yoga poses, yoga philosophy, and humour that brightens your day. 


It is the channel of one of the most excellent yoga teachers in South Africa. She teaches Hatha, Vinyasa Flow yoga, the basics of meditation, and every class you can ever need.


Arundhati Baitmangalkar began her career as a professional Bollywood dance instructor before discovering yoga while still living in her native South India.


While she does offer videos in a range of yoga styles, she’s quickly become a YouTube favourite for chakra-centric yoga sessions, which include individual chakra-focused-flows and cleansing practices, as well as a 7-day chakra challenge.


This channel offers yoga videos for beginners, intermediate levels, and advanced levels. She demonstrates the right way to perform different yoga poses.

In addition, she gives workshops on breathing, chakra balancing, guided meditations, mantras, and more.

Best yoga kits & equipment for beginners

Are you excited to get started with your journey but have no props or mats? Don’t worry! These yoga kits are known as Complete Yoga Kit for Beginners, which is an excellent choice for beginners who want to start practising.

Yoga United – Complete Yoga Kit 

If you’re searching for a yoga kit for beginners, this is the one to get. This set will assist you to stay on the mat and stay relaxed and cushioned throughout your session.

This item includes the following:

  • 2 Yoga Blocks 
  • Yoga Strap 
  • Lavender Eye Pillow
  • 6mm Luxury Thick Yoga Mat

Clever Yoga Complete Yoga Set for Beginners 

Clever yoga has compiled their favourite equipment into a single kit with this product. This yoga package for beginners will assist you in improving your practice and, more significantly, your general health!

The yoga set has the following items:

  • A portable yoga mat with a cotton strap, 
  • Two EVA foam yoga blocks,
  • A microfibre yoga mat
  • A hand towel.
  • A carry bag

Lixada five-piece Yoga Exercise Set 

If you’re looking for a yoga kit but don’t want to spend a fortune, go no further than Lixada’s incredible offering!

This kit contains the following items:

  • Yoga mat
  • Mat strap,
  • Yoga block,
  • Stretching belt
  • A mat bag

What are some of the best yoga books for beginners?

You can read books on yoga to guide you and deepen your understanding of the practice. There are hundreds of yoga books out there, but not all of them are good for beginners. Let’s see the top 5 best books for beginners to guide you through the basics.

Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit A Return to Wholeness

This book is an excellent introduction to yoga positions and the philosophy that yogis follow. This book will take you through all of the basic yoga positions until you reach a more advanced style, which is also covered in the book.

Light on Pranayama – The Definitive Guide to the Art of Breathing

It is another excellent beginner’s yoga book. This book, written by a well-known yoga teacher, is a perfect place to learn about yoga. It explains how to get started and how to connect with your mind and body even further.

Yoga for Everyone

If you’re on the fence about whether or not yoga is suitable for you, this book will convince you otherwise. Yoga is for everyone, and it has multiple benefits for everyone.

This book explains how yoga is an inclusive practice and provides varied recommendations on yoga positions. In addition, it demonstrates the various poses available and how each body type is suited to them.

A Year of Living Your Yoga

This book will show you just how to begin adding yoga into your daily routine. It’s more than a simple practice; it’s a way of life.

The Yoga Beginner’s Bible

This beginner’s handbook will take you on a soul-transforming adventure that will change your body and life.

Now that you know all about types of yoga, beginner yoga poses, and yoga books, let's check out the different poses you can do for other conditions:

Beginner Yoga For Flexibility

There are a lot of yoga poses for flexibility. You need consistency and practice to become more flexible.

You will not get results in one day. Here are some beginner poses that will help you to become more flexible.
  • Eagle pose (Garudasana)
  • Bow pose (Dhanurasana)
  • Bridge pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)
  • Plow Pose (Halasana)
  • Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
  • Cat and Cow (Marjaiasana & Bitilasana)
  • Camel (Ustrasana)
  • Child’s Pose (Balasana)
  • Standing Forward Fold (Uttanasana)

Beginner Yoga For morning energy

A morning yoga routine is an excellent way to begin the day. It will help you in waking up, feeling refreshed, and being focused throughout the day. These are some poses that will help you with your morning routine.

  • Sun salutations (Surya Namaskar)
  • Cat pose (Marjaiasana)
  • Cow pose (Bitilasana)
  • Mountain pose (Tadasana)
  • Warrior 1, 2 & 3 (Virabhadrasana I, II & III)
  • Triangle pose (Trikonasana)
  • Half moon pose (Ardha Chandrasana)
  • Tree pose (Vrksasana)

How To Practice Yoga at home for beginners (weight loss)

Are you looking for a yoga practice that you can do at home to lose weight? Here are some poses that you can do at home and become a winner in your yoga journey!

  • The Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
  • Standing Forward Fold (Uttanasana)
  • Tabletop Pose (Dandasana)
  • Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)
  • Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II)
  • Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III)

You can also join yoga classes online to get the benefits of yoga at home for weight loss. In addition, there are many youtube videos that you may watch to know more about yoga poses for weight loss.

Yoga for seniors (a beginners guide)

If you’ve reached retirement age and haven’t started practising yoga, now is the time. It’s never too late to pick up new skills. At any age, you can learn anything, and you should be willing to try new things. 

It is also an excellent exercise for seniors. Yoga is beneficial to senior citizens' health, digestion, and brain activity.

Chair Yoga for Seniors

This yoga for seniors is the most popular, but it’s still controversial because all senior citizens do not use it! However, the benefits of chair yoga are many. 

How often should seniors do chair yoga?
As a senior, you can not only improve your flexibility but your posture as well. It is also because it will help you strengthen your entire body. Some chair yoga poses are -
  • Seated mountain pose
  • Seated forward bend
  • Eagle arms
  • Single leg stretch 
  • Reverse arm hold

As a senior, you may have problems with your flexibility, so the best way to perform yoga is the famous chair yoga! You can easily follow the chair yoga with your home videos.

Yoga for beginners (For Different Age Groups)

As we grow, we become busier and busier with work, family, kids, etc. We may not get time to visit the doctor or the gym, but yoga can help you stay fit at home. Let’s look at some beginner yoga poses that are perfect for a few age groups.

Yoga for 40-year-olds

If you are a 40-year-old who wants to start practising yoga, you’re probably wondering what type of yoga is best for you. 

The most important thing for a 40-year-old is to choose the proper poses that will effectively increase your flexibility without putting too much pressure on your joints. 

Here are some great poses that are perfect for 40-year-olds that want to get started with yoga.

  • Seated forward bend (Paschimottanasana)
  • Marjariasana (Cat pose)
  • Paschimottanasana (Seated forward bends)
  • Matsyasana (Fish pose)
  • Cat pose (Marjariasana)
  • Cow Pose (Bitilasana)
  • Cobra Pose in Vrkshasana (Tree posture in chair or table pose) 

Yoga for 50-year-olds

As we grow older, we lose flexibility and strength. Some of the poses that will help you with your strength and stability include Yoganidrasana (Yoga’s core strengthening pose), Kapotasana (Kneeling pose), and Dhanurasana (bow pose).

Yoga for 60 and 70-year-olds

Although ageing is an unavoidable part of life, you can delay its deterioration and related health risks to some amount with the use of yoga. Yogic practice can help to slow the ageing motor system’s impacts as well as pathological disorders. 

The poses that are the best for 60 and 70-year-olds include Ardha paschimottanasana (Half seated forward bend), Savasana (Corpse Pose), and Pavanamuktasana (wind-relieving pose)

You could even follow some videos on youtube that are specifically for seniors. Here are some great videos to start with for you.

  • 7-Minute Yoga Workout for Older Adults by SilverSneakers
  • Yoga for People Over 40, 50, and 60 – A Routine You Can Do From Home by Boomer Fitness
  • Easy Yoga for Elderly Senior Citizens /Seated Exercises for Older Adults by Yogalates with Rashmi

Beginner Yoga For early pregnancy

Yoga for early pregnancy is one of the most exciting yoga poses for beginners. If you are undergoing early pregnancy, you must follow basic yoga poses to keep your body fit and active. Your baby will also feel good in your womb.

Can you start yoga in early pregnancy?
  • Kantha and Skandha Sanchalana (Gentle Neck and Shoulder Rolls)
  • Marjariasana (Cat Stretch Pose)
  • Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bends)
  • Tadasana (Palm Tree Pose)
  • Side Angle Pose 1 & 2 (Konasana 1 & 2)
  • Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)
  • Virabhadrasana (Warrior Pose)
  • Relax with Savasana and Yoga Nidra, followed by pranayama and meditation.

Pregnancy is a critical and delicate time in one’s life. You must do everything possible to make it simple and comfortable.

Everyone's pregnancy is different, so figure out what works for you and only undertake these yoga asanas during the first trimester if your doctor says you're ready.

Beginners Yoga That Will Help curing the following

If you specifically need help with any of the following, you’ll want to check out the beginner yoga poses below because they are designed to help with each of these ailments.

Yoga for back pain

Are you suffering from back pain? You’re not alone. More than 60% of adults suffer from occasional back pain.

Fortunately, yoga is an excellent way to relieve lower back pain naturally without drugs or invasive treatments. These three beginner poses will help you get started.
  • Sphinx pose
  • Cat/cow pose
  • Modified downward dog pose

Yoga for neck pain

You may be suffering from neck pain because of a fall, accident, or repetitive stress. These poses can help relieve neck pain and relieve your headaches.

  • Child pose
  • Seated twist pose
  • Legs Against the Wall Pose
  • Ear to Shoulder Pose

Yoga for shoulder pain

When we talk about back pain, we often overlook our shoulders, but studies show that pinched nerves and rotator cuff injuries are the second most common cause of shoulder pain after arthritis. Check out these poses to relieve shoulder pain and strengthen your upper body.

  • Seated Cat Pose and Seated Cow Pose 
  • Seated Eagle Arms
  • Chest Opener
  • Cobra pose

Yoga for knee pain

Knee pain is widespread. It can be caused by an injury or surgery or attributed to arthritis, obesity, or even kneeling for long periods.

How do you strengthen your knees for yoga?
If you've recently injured your knees, these gentle 10-minute beginner poses will help relieve pain and strengthen your knees.
  • Chair pose
  • bridge pose
  • High Lunge Pose
  • Peaceful Warrior Pose

Yoga for wrist pain

  • If you’re suffering from wrist pain, these simple poses can help relieve the pain and strengthen the affected area.
  • Reclining Mountain Pose
  • Upper and Lower Hand Stretch
  • Thumb side stretch 
  • Dolphin Pose

Yoga for hip pain

Hip pain can be caused by a fall, pregnancy, arthritis, and even obesity. These poses will ease the pain and strengthen your hips. They were selected because they are gentle and don’t put pressure on your joints. 

  • Mountain Pose with Block
  • Boat Pose
  • Seated Twist
  • Reclined Cobbler’s Pose

Best Beginner Yoga for men’s health

Many men desire to practice yoga but are unsure where to begin or what poses are appropriate for a newbie to try. If you’re one of those guys, read on! 

Men should do yoga just as much as women do, if not more! Here are some great poses that are good for men's health.
  • Mountain (Tadasana)
  • Tree (Vrksasana)
  • Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana)
  • Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I)
  • High Lunge (Crescent Lunge)

Best Beginner Yoga for women’s health

With the amount of stress that women deal with daily, it’s imperative to make quality time for self-care. Yoga allows women to feel centred and in tune with themselves, which is vital. 

Here are some great poses to help you get started.

  • Child’s Pose 
  • Downward Facing Dog
  • Plank Pose
  • Fierce Pose
  • Garland Pose
  • Half Lord of the Fishes

Mistakes that all yoga beginners make & How To Avoid Them

When you begin practising yoga, it’s normal to feel uncertain. You may experience pain along the way, or you might not be able to perform certain moves correctly. 

Don't be embarrassed by any mistakes you make and don't become discouraged. Instead, try to learn from them.

To help you avoid mistakes, it’s essential to understand the most common ones that beginners typically make.

Holding your breath

It’s common for beginners to hold their breath when practising yoga. Take deep and lengthy breaths when performing any yoga pose.

By focusing on your breaths, you will experience a greater connection to your body, relax more efficiently, and enjoy yoga more!

So, the next time you do yoga, remember to concentrate on your breathing! 

Comparing yourself to others

When you begin practising yoga, it’s easy to compare yourself to others. You may look at other people in the class and wonder if you are doing things correctly or trying hard enough.

You should stop comparing yourself to others, as everyone is unique. Instead, focus on what you can do and not what other people are doing.

Starting with advanced poses

You should avoid starting with the more challenging poses in yoga. Instead, begin with the more accessible poses and gradually work your way into more challenging poses.

Not following your teacher’s instructions

It can be easy to get lost in the flow of a class and forget what your teacher is saying. Instead of trying to guess what your teacher is saying, be sure to pay attention and repeat each movement clearly and precisely.

Thinking you aren’t fit for yoga

It’s common for beginners to have false confidence when it comes to yoga. You may be afraid that you’ll look silly or that you won’t be able to do the poses correctly.

Don't worry about being fit for yoga, as long as you are healthy and confident in your own body. 

Avoid baggy clothing

You can wear baggy clothing, but you’ll want to avoid it for yoga. Instead, wear clothing that is comfortable and allows you to move freely. 

Not asking for help

For some people, asking for help is hard. So if you are struggling in your yoga class, ask for help. The teacher can show you how you can correct yourself or help with certain poses. 

You miss the final relaxation exercise

Yoga sessions usually end with meditation. This final step helps you to feel relaxed and connect with your mind and body. If you fail to complete this exercise, you’ll miss out on the many benefits it provides.

Be sure to include the final relaxation exercise every time you practice! 


Yoga is a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy. It’s something that anyone can do, regardless of age or gender. It’s also great for people who get bored with traditional workouts.

With the right yoga plan, you can begin to see the benefits of the practice immediately. 

First, however, you must find a program that is suitable for you. If you are starting with yoga, check out our beginner guide above for further insights into your practice.

You can practice yoga at home or at a local studio. Of course, you can practice yoga online too! It is an excellent choice for those who want to stay fit and healthy by using their muscles.

In this guide, we have discussed everything relating to yoga for beginners and some common mistakes that beginners make that you can avoid! Now it’s time to go out and try it for yourself! 

We hope you liked our guide on How to Start with Yoga. Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below.


What yoga style should I practice?

Yoga trains the mind, body, and spirit. You can practice it in many different styles for many other purposes. The best yoga style for you depends on what you are looking for. 

If you want to focus on warming your muscles, Bikram Yoga may be a good fit. If you're going to strengthen your core, then Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga may be a good fit. 

If you want to improve your flexibility and relaxation, then Hatha Yoga may be a good fit for you.

How do I find a good yoga teacher?

You can find a yoga teacher online, or you can attend a local class.  It’s essential to find the right teacher if you want to learn yoga.

The type of yoga classes varies from studio to studio and can even change from region to region.  

You’ll want to look for an experienced teacher who understands the poses and their effects and teaches with compassion.

Can I eat before yoga practice?

Eating can be detrimental to your practice, especially if you eat less than 90 minutes before yoga. Eat a small meal, drink plenty of water between meals, and avoid sugary drinks. You’ll want to avoid greasy or heavy meals two hours before practice.

Do I have to be flexible to practice yoga?

If you’re just starting, it’s essential to find appropriate poses for your fitness level. 

As you progress, you'll find that yoga will help improve your flexibility, but it's important not to force yourself to do inappropriate things for your body type. 

Will Yoga help me to connect with my chosen form of spirituality?

Yoga is a form of meditation that can help you enter a deep state of inner calm. It can also help with the connection you have with the various spiritual practices you hold dear. 

Do I have to wear black yoga pants?

Don’t worry about what you have to wear or how you appear on the outside. You should pick up yoga clothing that’s comfortable for you to practice in, and it doesn’t have to be black. 

How many times a week do I have to practice?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. The amount of time you spend practising depends on the type of yoga, your experience level, and your goals.

Is practising yoga time-consuming?

Yoga can be a time-consuming activity, so you’ll need to dedicate enough time and energy to it if you want to see results. You should find those times that work for you and practice those three times per week. 

Along with the poses that you know, there are also others that you can try, which will work for your goals and body. 

Do I have to meditate to do yoga?

Yoga is a form of meditation. You don’t have to meditate to practise yoga, but it’s something you can do to enhance the benefits of your practice. 

Many yoga classes include deep relaxation exercises, so it's essential to do some meditation between classes if you want the best possible result.

Is yoga strenuous? What if I am out of shape?

Yoga is very strenuous, but it’s important to remember that you can start yoga at any time in your life. It doesn’t matter if you are fit or out of shape; you can still do it. 

How often should a beginner do yoga?

That all depends on you! You could practice it for an hour per week or 3-4 times a week. In general, you should be careful with it at the beginning, and as your body gets more flexible and fit, you can increase your practice.

Is beginner yoga good for weight loss?

Yoga will help you get in shape, lose weight, and get a healthier body. It’s also an excellent workout for your entire body. Don’t expect miracles from it, but it can help with weight loss.

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