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TPE Vs Rubber Yoga Mat

What is the difference between a TPE and a rubber yoga mat?

A TPE yoga mat is made from a combination of thermoplastic elastomers and polyethers. In contrast, a rubber mat is made from natural, eco-friendly rubber.

Many people don't know the difference between a TPE yoga mat and a regular one. So they end up buying a TPE yoga mat, and then they are very disappointed when they realize that it doesn't feel as good as the yoga mat they purchased from the store.

This article will discuss the difference between a TPE and a rubber yoga mat.

What is a TPE yoga mat?

A TPE yoga mat combines materials like thermoplastic elastomers and polyethers. These composite materials are incredibly durable, soft and highly flexible.

Is TPE yoga mat good?
It makes the TPE yoga mat an excellent choice for doing yoga since it has a lot of cushions, but it also doesn't deteriorate quickly when you're using it.

TPE stands for the thermoplastic elastomer and is usually manufactured in a process where you take plastic, but then you chemically alter it to make it elastic. It is why a TPE yoga mat is easy to roll up but still has the cushion of a regular yoga mat.

What is a rubber yoga mat?

Rubber yoga mats are from natural rubber or synthetic rubber, eco-friendly options.

Rubber has one of the best tensile strength properties compared to other yoga mat materials. It means that it's incredibly durable. 
Are rubber yoga mats better?

It also has good elasticity, meaning it’s easy to roll up your yoga mat and then unroll it afterwards without having much effort on your part.

Rubber vs TPE – which is the better choice?

Here are some of the differences between rubber and TPE that you should consider when deciding between these two types of mats for yoga practice:


TPE yoga mats are thicker than regular yoga mats. It means that you won’t be able to use your standard yoga mat with a TPE yoga mat, but you will be able to use it with a rubber yoga mat. In addition, it makes it easy to roll up your TPE yoga mat.

What is the ideal yoga mat thickness?
With a rubber yoga mat, you will be able to roll it up and unroll it like a regular yoga mat. The thickness of your rubber mat will also depend on the type of rubber used in the manufacturing process of the rubber mat. 

Thick rubber is usually better for those who want comfort and cushioning than thinner ones.


The main difference between a TPE yoga mat and a rubber yoga mat is that one is made from natural rubber, and the other is made from artificial thermoplastic elastomers.

Therefore, you can expect that the TPE yoga mat will be very durable, but it will cost more than a regular yoga mat.

However, with a rubber yoga mat, you will get the same type of padding without paying as much for it.

Since rubber is harvested sustainably from the latex of the rubber tree, there aren't any extra costs when manufacturing this type of yoga mat.


Another thing that you should consider is the texture of your rubber yoga mat. If you choose a rubber yoga mat with a rough surface, it’s going to be easier to grip it while doing yoga since this type of texture can help prevent slipping and sliding when using your yoga mat.

However, if you choose a rubber yoga mat that has a soft texture, then it's going to be easier for you to maintain a grip on the natural rubber in case your hands get sweaty. 

So another benefit of this type of rubber is that it will be more resistant to wear and tear on the surface.


Stickiness is another big difference between yoga mats and rubber yoga mats. Rubber is a naturally sticky yoga mat, making it easy for your feet to stick to the surface of your yoga mat when doing yoga.

How do I get the stickiness off my yoga mat?
Still, it can also be a disadvantage for some people because you won't make advanced moves like in partner flow without worrying about slipping.

On the other hand, TPE doesn’t have any sticky surface because it’s man-made materials. So it will be ideal if you want a yoga mat that feels similar to barefoot when you do any balancing or standing poses. It also won’t cause any problems with slipping and sliding during partner flow.


The other thing that you should consider is that a rubber yoga mat is eco-friendly yoga mats. You can use the same latex harvested from the rubber tree to produce a rubber yoga mat. It’s also an excellent choice for those concerned about the environment.

However, since TPE is made from artificial materials, it won't be as eco-friendly as rubber yoga mats. It will also cost more than a regular yoga mat due to the advanced technology used in manufacturing it.

Price range:

Another big difference between rubber and TPE yoga mats is the price range. While the rubber yoga mat won’t cost much, it will have a more advanced technology used in its manufacturing. So, unfortunately, it will be more expensive than a regular yoga mat.

However, since TPE is also made from artificial materials and won't cost as much as a regular yoga mat, it can be considered an affordable mat for many people.


The advantage of a rubber yoga mat is that it will have a more stylish look. In addition, because rubber is natural, you can select from a broader range of colours and styles compared to TPE yoga mats.

However, TPE yoga mats are available in many colours, but they aren't as colourful as rubber yoga mats. It means they won't have any shiny glossy or metallic colours compared to rubber yoga mats.


What is the difference between a PVC mat and an eco-friendly one?

A PVC mat is made from polyvinyl chloride, a synthetic material considered an environmental pollutant.

It means that it will have a toxic odour, which isn't good for your health. These mats are usually cheaper than other Eco - Footprint mats.

Eco-friendly mats are made from natural rubber and TPE, which aren’t as harmful to the environment as PVC yoga mats.

It means that you won't have any toxic odour when using them, and they will be easier on your skin as well. 

They also tend to be more expensive than regular yoga mats due to their advanced technology in manufacturing them.

What are the environmental benefits of rubber mats?

Rubber mats are created from natural rubber. It means they will be a more eco-conscious brand than PVC yoga mats.

In addition, since natural rubber is harvested from the latex of the rubber tree, you shouldn't have any toxic odour from these yoga mats.

It will also be easy for you to take care of them since they are made from materials similar to your skin.

Finally, it means that you won't have any health problems when using them, especially if you don't have sensitive skin as some people do.

How to choose a yoga mat?

It is relatively easy. The first thing that you should consider is the yoga mat’s material. If you choose a PVC yoga mat, it’s going to be toxic for you and your health.

On the other hand, a rubber yoga mat will be healthier for you since it won't have any toxic odour when used.

Another thing that you should consider is the thickness or density of your yoga mat. The thicker or denser your yoga mat is, the more cushioning it will have, and it will also be more durable when used each time you practice yoga.

What are the different types of yoga mats?

There are three main types of yoga mats: Rubber, PVC, and TPE.

Rubber Yoga Mats

Rubber yoga mats are among the best yoga mats for beginners because they won’t cost much, although they will provide you with more advanced technology than PVC or TPE yoga mats. 

You can use it for many non-yoga-related activities such as pilates, dancing, and other exercises. Some people also choose to use it as a mat because it's durable, comfortable, and durable.

PVC Yoga Mats

PVC yoga mats are among the best choices if you are looking for a cheap yoga mat, especially if you don’t have black-list yoga teachers or friends.

Or perhaps, you are a person who doesn't own a lot of money, so spending little money won't be an issue for you.

These yoga mats can be bought on Amazon and eBay, most likely on eBay, because it’s more affordable there.

They don't have as much advanced technology as rubber mats; however, you can still use them to do yoga without any problems, thanks to their affordable price.

TPE Yoga Mats

TPE yoga mats have advanced technology compared to rubber yoga mats because they are created from TPE. However, they are considerably more expensive compared to the other types of yoga mats.

You should know that the price will depend on which materials these mats use in creating them.

Regardless, many people still opt for TPE over rubber and PVC yoga mats because it’s more durable, environmentally friendly and comfortable when used.


Overall, the three yoga mats are excellent when used for yoga purposes. However, you should know that your choice will depend on your preference.

Suppose you are looking for an excellent eco-friendly, incredible grip material that you can use for many different activities such as pilates, dancing, and other workouts. In that case, rubber yoga mats may be a great choice.

However, if you are more concerned about the eco-conscious brand and want to practice yoga without any health risks or problems, then rubber yoga mats may not be the best option because they use natural rubber in creating them. Instead, TPE yoga mats may be a better choice.

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