Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga- Practice It To Improve Your Core Strength

Have you recently started doing Vinyasa yoga?

Then, you must be aware of its endless benefits. Not only does it strengthen your core, but it also increases flexibility, improves balance, and burns fat like crazy! 

So if you're looking for a challenging yet fun way to get in shape, this is the perfect workout for you.

This article will share vinyasa yoga poses for core strength to help you get started incorporating them into your regimen. 

Sadie Nardini, a New York-based yoga teacher, created Core Strength Vinyasa yoga based on the Hatha yoga tradition. 

Core Strength Vinyasa, according to Nardini, is more of a “perspective” on yoga than a specific style or school.  

The wave-like motions are one of the most important aspects of Core Strength Vinyasa. 

The notion of the physical core in this yoga practice extends beyond the abdominal muscles to encompass the interconnecting muscle lines that make up the muscular support system.

Nardini developed a set of core poses, motions, and sequences that emphasize "core-generated alignment." 

As a result, core Strength Vinyasa increases physical and mental stability by working from this deep-muscle and inner-focus core, resulting in a faster and more effective transformation of the body and mind, including confidence and self-awareness.

A Vinyasa Yoga Sequence for Your Core

Plank Pose

This pose simultaneously works your entire body and sets your abs on fire in just a few seconds. 

What is plank pose good for?
If you practice this pose frequently, you will notice a significant improvement in the strength of your rectus and transversus abdominis muscles. The plank pose also helps in strengthening the shoulders and arms.

Side Plank

The side plank pose strengthens your entire core for more effective strength, balance, and stability.

This movement also helps with the depression of the spine, which gives you a more upright look. 

Tiger Pose

This pose engages all of your abdominal muscles, especially if you can learn to activate your bandhas.

What is Tiger pose good for?
Learning to activate your bandhas is very important in yoga because you engage more muscle groups and benefit from the increased benefits.

Boat Pose

This pose helps you improve your balance and strengthens your midsection. It is easy to do, but it can still be challenging if you’re new to yoga. 

However, with practice, you will be able to hold the position for more extended periods.

Bicycle Crunches

This technique activates the deepest level of your abs, resulting in pain the next day. However, this pose is very effective, and you want to try it. It brings on a greater awareness of your core, and also, it works out your abs.

Crane Pose

Crane position is similar to tiger pose in that it requires you to draw your knees into your chest to lift your feet off the floor. 

Why is it called crane pose?
You can use your arms and legs to balance, and this movement is excellent for the inner thighs and hip flexors. Crane pose is a great way to challenge yourself and build strength.


Now that you have the poses down, don’t forget to practice them regularly. It will be time before you see improvement in your core strength, but not long at all if you work diligently. 

Remember that mental focus is just as important as physical movement. The stronger your mind, the stronger your core!

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