Heart Chakra Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses To Open Your Heart Chakra And Connect You To Higher Self

A sound heart is vital for our overall well being. A good way of life at whatever stage in life can forestall coronary illness and lower your danger for a stroke or heart attack.

It’s been said that the heart is the centre of our emotions. It’s where we store our feelings, love, joy, and sadness. It’s the place where we find our purpose and motivational drive.

You are never excessively old to take care of your heart. You can protect yourself from many heart diseases and have a strong one by eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise (walking is good!), and practising specific yoga poses that help heal the heart chakra.

Let us get to know about the different Yoga poses for your heart chakra.

Let’s begin with knowing a little about the heart chakra:

The Heart Chakra is located in the centre of our chest and is the fourth chakra of the seven main chakras. This chakra acts as a conductor for beginning, ending, and mid-point energies. That means it's involved with how we feel about our lives. 

When this chakra is blocked, we may feel afraid or overwhelmed. However, when we tap into the true purpose of this chakra, everything else around it opens up, and we can become better at doing all the things that make us happy.

It’s also the centre of our emotional life and where true joy comes from. When this chakra is open, we can connect to a centre of love that never grows weak or corruptible no matter what happens around us in life.

The heart chakra lies in the middle of your other six chakras. Therefore, keeping this area open during stressful times is essential because it helps balance the other six major chakras.

It affects the balance and brings awareness to the system. 

The heart chakra is the bridge for how we experience our world and how people perceive us. The heart chakra is the root of how we love, serve, and give.

The Heart Chakra Yoga Poses

You can do a few poses to stimulate the heart chakra and help you focus on connecting to your foundation. These yoga poses make it easier for you to connect with yourself. 

Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

A standard yoga stance is Cobra Pose that loosens the back and opens up the chest. Cobra is an energized backbend that decreases tension and anxiety. 

What is the Cobra Pose good for?
This yoga can also be an excellent workout for your back that helps shape and strengthen the shoulders, belly, and buttocks.

Cobra performed with bent arms is often referred to as Baby Cobra Pose. You can start with this variation before you move to full Cobra Pose.

Wheel Pose or Urdhva Dhanurasana

Wheel Pose is a pose that requires a lot of strength and determination along with physical effort. It increases the mobility of the spine and expands the chest and shoulders.

This posture requires you to use your thighs to draw your pelvic area up to the soles of your feet. Until you're flexible enough to do the Handstand without straining, don't push yourself into this pose. Only bend back as far as your body naturally can.

Camel Pose or Ustrasana

Camel Pose is a simpler, more straightforward form of Wheel Pose. It involves the entire body, stretching the quadriceps, and opening up the chest and shoulders.

What is the camel pose good for?
Camel Pose also inhibits postural strain as it improves one's spinal mobility. In addition, this exercise allows you to stretch your spine without using any additional arm strength. 

Camel Pose opens up your body and mind. It will enable you to connect directly to the energy of your heart chakra.

Lord of The Dance or Natarajasana

Lord of The Dance is one of the most dynamic standing backbends in yoga. You must be incredibly agile and able to move your body in such a manner that your arm can reach over your back with your hand to support your foot.

It's a challenging backbend that takes your legs to their breaking point and teaches you to focus and concentrate. The efficacy of this stance is contingent upon each person's versatility.

The Cow Face Pose or Gomukhasana

The Cow Face Pose is very similar to the Cobra Pose. However, it’s a pose that increases back flexibility and is a cheap replacement for the Cobra pose.

Why is Gomukhasana cow face?
This asana stretches your entire spine and helps you gain control of your body. In addition, it improves your concentration, makes you feel more energetic, and allows you to channel your attention to one point in front of you.

Half Lord Of The Fishes or Ardha Matsyendrasana

The Half Lord of the Fishes Pose is a gentle backbend that involves a partner. It requires you to be aligned with someone capable of applying the same posture on their end.

This pose not only opens up your chest but also stimulates the abdominal muscles and relieves tension in your upper back as it connects these two areas.

The fish pose or Utkatasana

The fish pose is a backbend that pulls on the muscles in your lower back. It also builds up the strength of your shoulders and helps you stretch out all of your shoulders and chest. 

What are the benefits of Utkatasana?
Half Lord of The Fishes is a more comfortable version of this posture, but it can be challenging.

This asana opens up the front and back sides of your chest, stretching not only your spine but also developing a robust and broad chest.

Standing forward fold or Uttanasana.

Standing forward fold is a yoga pose that increases your flexibility in the spine, making you feel taller.

 It also allows you to relieve any tension in the upper arms and shoulders, making it easier for you to walk around with your hands on your hips.

You can do this pose by simply standing up straight and folding forward from the waist—experiment with bending forward from the knees as well.

Extended Pose or Utthita Parsvakonasana

An extended pose is a pose that stretches out your spine, hips, and hamstrings. This posture allows you to relieve any tension in these areas and decrease any pain you may feel in them.

It's a pose that stretches your spine and increases the range of motion in your body. You can also use this posture as a way to relieve stress and increase your energy level.

Wide-Legged Forward Fold or Paschimottanasana

Wide-Legged Forward Fold is a posture that opens up your chest and promotes flexibility and range of motion in the hamstrings.

What is Paschimottanasana and its benefits?
You can efficiently perform this posture with a supporting hand on your lower back.

This pose improves circulation, releases any tension existing in the upper back, and improves flexibility.


In conclusion, there are many more yoga poses that can help you activate the heart chakra. I recommend practising and keeping up with your yoga as a regular part of your day.

 It will add to your overall well-being and help you evolve into a more grounded, conscious person.

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