3 Person Yoga Poses

3 Person Yoga Poses – Find Out Now

Are you looking for some yoga poses for three people? Doing solo or partner yoga is fun, but bringing a third person into the mix can take your creativity and enjoyment to the next level.

Yoga is a highly compatible activity for people of all ages, genders, and body types.

It is excellent to do a three-person yoga pose, and you may want to show off about it. There are three different yoga poses that are also the best yoga poses for fast weight loss.

This article will discuss different poses that three people can do to create a unique and fun experience together.

The three-person yoga poses are challenging. They might be difficult for beginners to learn and do without getting hurt. So, you must find yoga poses that are easy to do. 

And, here are some three beginner poses.

Lord Of The Dance

It is one of the basic yoga positions that you can do as a beginner. It is good exercise for the glutes, hips, back, and arm muscles. In this pose, three people must be mindful of the others.

What is the benefit of Lord of the Dance pose?
The three people stand in a triangle and link their right hands at the centre in this pose. They then balance each other. The right foot must touch the ground. 

To form a 90-degree angle, each person lifts their left foot off the ground. Their left hand then holds and supports the lifted foot. Then, they have this position.

3-Person Plank Pose

It is another exercise that is not very difficult to do and can still be attempted by beginners. It strengthens the core and makes the body toned.

Just like the name suggests, it is three yogis atop one another in a plank position. A tower of top-notch, you might state! 

To avoid straining the person under you, you should keep your weight balanced between your hands and feet and rest your feet upon their shoulder blade. 

Downward Dog & L-Shape Group Pose

It is a simple pose that three people can do. It does not require more strength but requires coordination and balance.

Which muscle group would the Downward Facing Dog pose give the best stretch to?
The first person begins in the downward-facing dog position. The downward dog pose is when you balance on the floor with your feet and palms planted on the floor. The midriff must be jutted out to form a "V".

The second person places their hands in front of the first person. Then the person steps on their feet on top of the first person. The second person must be in a half-dog half-L position.

The third person must plant their hands on the floor after the second person and place their feet on top of the second person. The body must be in an L-curved position.

These poses, however, are easy to do. 

So here are some Intermediate Yoga Poses for Three People that provide a bit more challenge for experienced yoga practitioners.

Down Dog Pyramid

This pose has three people in it. One is holding themselves up with their hands to create a pyramid, while the other two are laying down and balancing on their backs. 

What muscles does pyramid pose stretch?
The first balancing person must get into a downward dog pose, while the second and third people must place their hands on the floor and spread their legs across. 

Next, the third person must cross their right leg on top of the left one, while the second person must cross with their left foot above their right one. 

The downward dog person is in charge of stabilizing them all. Then, they should hold this position.

Variation on Throne Pose 

It consists of two flyers, each balanced on a single foot. The base person puts their foot in the fattest part of the thigh. 

At the same time, the yogis on top wrap their legs around the base's leg to balance the lateral aspect. They grab each other's wrists to push and pull each other and stay in place.

This one might require quite a bit of trial and error to achieve. It can be challenging, but we’ve called it intermediate because it’s one of the safer poses. 

In addition, the danger level is relatively low since nobody is any more than a few feet off the ground.

Triangle Pose

Three people form a triangle with bent knees. The first person lays down on the floor and puts their left foot in the second person’s hand. 

What is triangle pose good for?
Then, they put their left arm over the right one of the second person. Finally, the third person puts their feet on the shoulders of the triangle. Then, they must hold this pose together for as long as possible.

It is one of the best yoga poses for strength and flexibility. If you’ve done yoga for a while, you know that this pose takes practice. It’s not easy, but it is fun!

Now, let’s move on to the hard part. The Advanced yoga poses for three people. Here is a list of some hard ones! 

Try your hand at these lifts only if you’re experienced, but be careful. 

Experienced yogis who remain mindful of their partners are best-suited to take on these challenging yoga poses for three people.

Double Plank Press

A Plank Press is a yoga-like pose where the flyer balances the base’s feet and extends their arms out in a T shape. In this yoga pose, the second flyer is held up by two hands on the base. 

This position requires a lot of arm strength on the part of the base. So, the base must ensure that the second flyer is secure and well-balanced while maintaining its balance.

The lower flyer has its legs in between the base’s legs. That subtle positioning technique gives them the ability to maintain balance if they feel themselves leaning too far to one side or the other.

Double Front Plank

The foundation person spreads their legs to give the flyer’s a more secure place to step into. Then, they lift their hands up. 

Next, the flyer goes into a front bend and wraps its arms around the base's shoulders. The flyer then extends their arms back out to form the T position.

 It is a complex but fantastic posture to hold for 10 seconds or more!

Three-Person Flying Plank Press

Here’s another variation of the Plank Press. In this pose, the flyer’s weight is distributed between two bodies. The base’s feet support the flyer’s torso while their feet support the base. 

That person can then hold the flyer aloft, giving them much greater height off the ground than they'd be able to achieve with only two people.

One of the most relaxed three-person yoga poses, decidedly!

Flying Downward Facing Dog

Interested in a downward dog? Down Dog is a typical yoga pose but if you’re not feeling it, try doing it in the air!

This three-person pose is best achieved by having the bases start from a crouched position, slowly raising the flyer in the air. The flyer then goes into downward dog, which they are then kept in by the bases. 

Next, the flyer should use their hands to hold onto the base’s shoulders. The base, then, uses their legs to lift the flyer into the air.

Finally, each flyer gets a portion on the other two's shins or feet to secure their position.

Some of these poses are considered advanced as well as risky. However, You can modify them to reduce the risk of injury.


Doing three different yoga poses is one of the great exercises. If you’re flexible, try these exercises and see if they help. If you’re not loose, then you can also try these fantastic moves.

Doing yoga poses with partners is super fun and easy. They also do wonders for your health. It does not matter if you choose to do it at home or in a studio – the only thing that matters is that you do it. 

So if you’re the type who always does yoga alone, try to invite a friend to join you next time.

Yoga is a highly dynamic and flexible activity that everyone can perform at any age in any part of the world. It offers real health benefits for every group of people.

Which 3-person yoga poses would you recommend? Share your experiences.

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