DDP Yoga Review

No Intense Workout But Ddp Yoga To Shed Some Pounds

Are you attempting to lose weight without having to do intense workouts? If that is the case, DDP Yoga claims to have the solution for you. 

This program allows you to have a flexible workout schedule so you can reach fitness goals. But is this true? Read on to learn the truth about this program.

DDP Yoga Review – What is it?

DDP Yoga is a fitness program that will allow you to achieve your weight loss goals without spending too much time working out. 

It's designed by Diamond Dallas Page, who claims that you can achieve excellent results in just 20 minutes per day with the various routines in the program. 
Is DDP Yoga good for weight loss?

This heterogeneous yoga system includes engaging videos that range from beginner instructions to more advanced or “extreme” poses. 

You can decide between beginner, intermediate and advanced options depending on what works best for you. The video sessions range from 5 minutes to fifteen minutes max. 

Each time the students practice, they need to have a heart monitor and a yoga mat. It’s not enough to just do a pose. Each pose has a specific set of requirements that the instructor makes sure you are doing correctly.

This fitness program is made to improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, reduce pain,  burn fat, increase metabolism, enhance mental capacity, and strengthen muscles, especially those injured. 

It uses a combination of yoga and martial arts to teach you how to achieve these goals. The exercises included in this program helps you develop a better balance, flexibility, posture, and muscle tone. 

The routines in the DDP Yoga system use bodyweight work combined with various aerobic workouts.

DDPY’s unbelievable transformations have been featured on Shark Tank, The Doctors, Good Morning America, The New York Times, and more.

Program features and details: 

Most people use the DDP Yoga program through a subscription on the web browser or their phone by downloading the DDP Yoga Now app. 

The website includes workout videos, articles, recipes and allows you to upload progress photos, share your measurements, highlight your current pain points and see where you fall on the points leaderboard. 

Having shared my age, height, and weight, I signed up for DDP Yoga online. Then I had to choose a program to start with. 

This platform begins with a far more basic fitness program, with the first program for incapacitated people who want to upgrade to chair workout ultimately. 

The Beginner 2.0 is specifically oriented towards people who are novices and new to exercise. The intermediate workout is for those who are already exercising or those who have finished the beginner-level program. 

This sounded like my level, so I joined Intermediate 2.0 and began performing exploratory activities. First, I noticed a 22-minute introductory video that goes through the program's full features.

You can browse suggestions for workouts to try or look at DDP’s video recipes. One of his ideas is to use baby teething cookies as an ice cream sandwich base. 

The exercise program is separated into daily workouts and days off. Most weeks have active days on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with rests in between.

Workouts range from 15 to 60 minutes. Each video is denoted by a randomly coloured diamond that signifies its grade ability. 

Every workout includes one person who performs a revised version of each move so that you can adjust the routine to your capacity. The application also provides a restricted number of workouts to be used by pregnant women and children. 

In addition, each week, a new live class is offered, and it remains available on the app after that.

You can earn points on the app by completing workout routines, reading articles, and following recipes.

The app also has features for uploading progress pictures, highlighting your current pain points, sharing your measurements, and seeing where you fall on the points leaderboard compared to other users.

DDP Yoga Workouts

The workout program has four DVDs, each of which sells for $79.99. This set of videos has 11 different exercises, ranging from a simple 10-minute routine known as “Wake Up” to a more intense routine known as “Strength Builder.”

For a more strenuous workout, one of the DVDs stars the "Double Black Diamond" session, which lasts up to forty minutes. 

An alternative to a complete program is the 13-week program, starting from beginner to an advanced dynamic resistance training course. 

Although, Research has been unable to determine whether this specific resistance training program will increase strength.

The program is paired with a 4 DVD set that guides users through workouts, postures, and nutrition recommendations. In addition, the package comes with a poster showing the several poses most commonly used in the videos.

DDP Yoga and Weight Loss: 

DDP Yoga doesn’t promise you will lose weight, but it claims that you will develop lean muscles and reduce body fat after regularly following the routines. 

In addition, your body mass index (BMI) and circumference measurements will also show improvements. So whether you want to build muscle or shed some weight, DDP Yoga claims to help you meet your goals – as long as you stick with it.

The program is divided into segments that target specific muscle groups and develop core strength and balance. 

Designed for all body types, DDP Yoga claims to help you tone muscle, improve posture, increase flexibility, develop muscle definition and burn fat. 

The routines are intended to enhance your strength, balance, and flexibility so you can gain control over your body.

In addition, you'll do cardio and strength training sessions designed to build lean muscle mass while burning off excess fat as part of the program.

Pros & Cons


  • Wide variety of workout options
  • Many participants lost a lot of weight
  • Lots of nutrition and recipe information included
  • Starts at the elementary level for those with limited versatility
  • Not intimidating for anyone new to yoga


  • Maybe too fast-paced for those looking for a yoga-only      program     
  • The plans can be expensive for some
  • May start too easy for some users

Final thoughts

DDP Yoga is a workout program that gets rave reviews on the internet. Participants say it’s changed their lives, and they post testimonials on social media sites as well. While some also complain that many of the workouts are too easy for even beginners. 

Can I do DDP Yoga every day?
The common consensus is that this wrestling-inspired fitness program makes yoga and gentle strength training more accessible to a demographic that is typically not interested in these workouts.

DDP Yoga is a new fitness regimen that has been gaining popularity. If you’re turned off by the namaste culture in contemporary yoga but want to do something new, this program could be the solution.

New developments in workout routines continue to emerge, and DDP Yoga may be the perfect starting place for you.

The app is well organized, with extras including recipes and nutrition information to use outside of the program.

DDP Yoga is different from traditional yoga because it's very active. If you're used to practising at home, you might get intimidated by the community workout sessions.

The biggest complaint about this program is its pricing.  A month-to-month membership is more expensive than an annual one. So I think it’s best to sign up for a longer subscription time if you’re interested in continuing.

Overall, this is an excellent home fitness system. Users rant about the results they've seen, and it's flexible enough to use even if you have a mobility issue. However, DDP Yoga is not your average yoga experience.

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