Yoga Clothing Etiquette

Hot Yoga Clothing Etiquette

There are usually a few things that we come to expect when we go to a yoga class.

We anticipate the soothing sound of the instructor’s voice. We try our best to manoeuvre our mats in-between people and obstacles without touching anyone else, and we make sure not to step on another person’s mat with our dirty feet. 

Besides those basic norms, one should follow a few other hot yoga clothing etiquette rules. We can't afford to do a few things in a hot yoga class, like using the restroom without dressing appropriately and not wearing flip flops or fancy dresses. 

However, if you take a few of the other commonly accepted hot yoga clothing etiquette points into consideration, you’ll be able to avoid wreaking havoc on your fellow yogis. 

Here are a few tips on hot yoga clothing etiquette designed to ensure that everyone in the class can fully concentrate on their yoga practice without worrying about you.


If you wear pants, be sure to wear them as tight as possible. Wearing loose-fitting pants can make your fellow yogis feel uncomfortable and distract them from their yoga practice. You’ll also most likely have an embarrassing moment.

What is special about yoga pants?
When you choose your pants, pick a pair which is either black or very dark-coloured. Some schools of thought require you to put on more form-fitting pants than your usual yoga attire. 

However, regardless of your chosen style, wearing clothing that is dark in colour will help everyone focus on the concentration of the class and not be distracted by something as trivial as their bodies [or yours].

The most important part of the pants selection for hot yoga clothing etiquette is the fit and the length. 

Be sure to choose pants that are loose-fitting enough to cover your entire derriere yet tight enough so that you’re not flashing your fellow yogis.


All yoga students have the same mantra when it comes to wearing shoes. Do not wear flip-flops or fancy dresses, even if you wear pants.

Yoga is a challenging workout, and proper footwear will make it that much easier to stay as focused as possible on your practice. 

Don’t wear shoes while doing the hot 26 yoga poses series. If your feet tend to sweat a lot, you may wear flip-flops or sandals. 

However, wearing these shoes can lead to staph infections [staph infections are prevalent for people who do hot yoga]. 

In addition, there’s a chance that a fellow yoga student will step on your shoe and spread bacteria onto their mat. Be very mindful when you’re choosing your footwear.

Tank tops

Tank tops are trendy for hot yoga classes. However, if you choose to wear a tank top, be sure to be functional.

What is a tank top in clothing?
There's nothing worse than going to a class where the instructor has seen more than enough of your body. 

Staying covered is imperative to stay focused, so be sure that you look professional in your attire.

Make sure that your tank top is very form-fitting and is slightly more prominent around the torso area. 

It’s also essential that you wear a bra underneath your top. Hide any lumps or bumps by wearing a bra with padding underneath the straps of your tank top.

Men should wear shorts.

If you are a man and choose to wear shorts to a yoga class, make sure that the material is durable and will not rip easily. The same goes for the colour of your shorts – darker colours are better. 

Also, do not wear boxers or briefs - instead, wear a pair of shorts that will not become see-through when they get wet.

Do not wear socks

Some people think that wearing socks makes their feet feel better, but in reality, they make their feet sweat more and lead to a nasty odour.

If you wear them, choose non-slip socks. Even when practising in the wintertime, do not wear socks.

Do not wear bikinis or bathing suits.

Do not wear bathing suits – and do not wear a bikini. Even if you need to go to the bathroom during class, do not wear a bikini.

Only wear yoga clothes appropriate for "class attire" - this means that your top should not be see-through or have strings hanging out of it.

Women must not wear their underwear.

If you wear a thong or any underwear, be sure that no one can see it. Even wearing jeans and a long shirt, take the extra step and put on some shorts underneath.

Avoiding flashing your fellow yogis is essential for Yoga pants attire guidelines for hot yoga clothing etiquette.


Just like with pants, the same rules apply to tops. Ensure that your shirt is tight enough to stay in place but loose enough to hide any lumps or bumps.

Do you have to wear a shirt at Hot Yoga?
Avoid wearing stretchy clothing because this may give you some embarrassing moments.

Bring your towel.

Bring your towel with you. Hot yoga clothing etiquette mandates that you have a towel with you at all times.

If you start sweating, keep your towel handy and wipe yourself down. If you leave your mat to go to the bathroom, bring your towel with you.

Ladies, avoid bringing makeup and jewellery.

There’s no need to bring makeup and jewellery – it will only distract you and distract the other people in the class.

Be careful with what you put on after yoga class is over

If you’ve been sweating throughout a class, you must clean yourself up before leaving the studio, let alone getting into another pair of clothes. Wash off in the shower and use an anti-bacterial soap before putting on fresh clothes.

Be prepared to carry extra clothes.

If you’re attending a hot yoga class, make sure that you bring extra clothes to your locker. If you’re not accustomed to going to hot yoga classes, prepare by wearing your pants and shirts a size too big. 

Or, if the situation permits, be sure to wear easily removable clothing. Wear leggings or shorts with an elastic waist for this purpose.

We all must respect each other’s bodies and have respect for the way that we look. Many people are offended when they see someone wearing inappropriate clothing at the gym, and they feel as though they don’t belong. 

Remember that everyone is here to have fun and not feel self-conscious about their appearance. More than anything, remember to check the hot yoga clothing etiquette the next time that you are heading to a class.


Hot yoga clothing etiquette is essential if you want to be respected by other yogis and your instructor.

It's not easy to make sure that you are wearing the proper attire for hot yoga, but it's even more challenging to ensure that your fellow students don't think you're looking for attention. 

If you follow these hot yoga clothing etiquette tips, you will find the perfect attire for hot yoga. Remember that looking good doesn’t mean that you’re trying to impress anyone – it’s a matter of self-respect and respect for your fellow yogis!

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  1. This is a terrible article. Stop telling people what to wear to yoga. I wear fun clothes as a student and an instructor. This is why people don’t think yoga is for them.

    1. I believe yoga is a personal experience, open and inclusive. It should be fun and open to all. So, it’s open to everybody who want to do it in their pyjamas and it is open to everybody who wants to do it in their yoga pants.

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